Shakeology Cleanse- 5 lbs in 3 days!

Alyssa is a challenger in my Sorority Challenge group.  She is almost 60 days into Chalean Extreme and is having amazing results.  Alyssa works full time, just began her own Beachbody Business and is committed to getting into the best shape of her life.  In any weight loss journey there are times when you feel like you have hit a wall and need to spice things up!  That means either you need to change your diet, increase your exercise or decrease calorie intake.  So another healthy option is to do the 3 day Shakeology Cleanse.  Alyssa along with a few other challengers embarked on this journey and here is her story!

"This was my first time doing any sort of cleanse so I can tell you I was really nervous at first, because I was on a limit of what I could eat. Day 1 was hard, by 9am I was craving my mid-morning snack because that is when I am used to eating it, but on 5he cleanse you are allowed 2 pieces of fruit a day so I  grabbed my piece of fruit. I was also starting to feel lightheaded and sick to my stomach, but I was determined to finish this cleanse and told myself I could do it. I got a huge water bottle and probably filled it about 6 times through out my day. By 5pm I was starving I had no idea what to do, and it is partly because I worked out after work and I wouldn't suggest doing that again!  If you are going to workout then choose something low impact such as Yoga, walking or Tai Cheng.

Since Day 1 was a little rough I took it easier on the second day.  I knew what to expect so it was a breeze to get through, but I was feeling a little exhausted and that is because of the low calorie intake, but I just pushed right through it.  The Shakeology cleanse is a calorie restricted cleanse.  So you are still eating it is just restricted to a low number of calories which can lead to low energy.

On day 3 I was absolutely exhausted and I felt like the day was never going to end. Time was moving so slow and no matter how much water I drank I could not stay full. I thought I was going to be stuck on Day 3 forever. Overall, Day 1 and 3 were the hardest, but I had the mindset I was determined to do this and stick with it and I knew this was going to benefit me and make me feel better after completed. I lost a total of 5lbs in 3 days!! Never thought I would have come close to losing that much weight in 3 days.  Afterwards I felt a great sense of accomplishment and I felt great about my body. Next time I do the cleanse I know what to expect.  I know what kind of mind frame you have to have, but I would drink way more water than ever, get lots and lots of rest, and certainty take it easy on the intense workouts for those three days."- Alyssa