Weekly Meal Planning, Prep and Chalean Extreme

 Today marks the start of phase 3 of Chalean Extreme the LEAN PHASE!  This week also marks the 4th week of my Stripped meal plan. I am getting ready to go on vacation in 10 days.  So I honestly feel like I am preparing for a figure competition! HA!  I know I'm not but I bought these gorgeous BCBG dresses and I want to look my best so I am really focusing on my nutrition this week!  So I went the extra mile to make sure that I was 100% prepared for what the week had to offer.  Last night as I was preparing my meals I told myself, everything you need to eat is right here.  You don't need to eat out because you don't know what hidden stuff is in your food so just stick to the basics and stay home!  So that's what I'm doing!  My meals have lots of flavor and all natural sugars so I won't feel deprived!  For me my Shakeology is my saving grace and keeps me from having a chocolate meltdown!  I have been saving my Shakeology for the evenings because that is when I tend to have the most sweet cravings.

So for those of you that follow me regularly you know that Sunday's are always my grocery shopping and meal prep days!  I boiled some eggs for my proteins this week, baked some chicken, cut up some peppers for snacks, cucumbers, prepared 2 salads for lunches, cut up strawberries for in my oatmeal and portioned out my almonds.  The only thing left to do is get some fruit at the store on Monday.  I have my meals planned out on my wonderful little homemade word document so that I don't have to stand in front of the freezer each day wondering what the heck to make!  This takes the guess work out of it all!

I have planned my meals based on my workouts, calories, what I have planned for the day, ect...

So now to recap my workout today!  Let me just tell  you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chalean Extreme!  The past 2 weeks I have also been working in some Brazil Butt Lift and Turbofire for some extra oomph!  Today was day 1 of the Lean phase.  It was all bicep and triceps focused but there was that added dimension of lower body work at the same time.  Like a bicep curl while doing a single leg lunge.  The killer move was a plank with the triceps extension!  It totally took me back to my days of P90X2!  I loved it!  But with any new routine comes the hunger!  When you are lifting more weights or doing more strenuous exercises it's very easy to have an increase in your metabolism which causes you to feel hungrier!  So instead of pigging out on cookies, cakes and chips I have added a few extra ounces of lean protein (Chicken and tuna) and an extra serving of veggies when I need it!  That has helped me tremendously today! 

After my workout today I felt that I totally deserved my results and recovery drink!  I haven't been drinking it because of the extra sugar and I'm trying to strip it down this week but I knew that my body needed the sugar plus the protein and other muscle building ingredients so that I wouldn't be sore and would see better results.  So I drank every last bit and wanted to lick the cup, damn that stuff is yummy!!!!

The goal is to rock those dresses in Vegas and feel awesome about all my hard work!  Keep it clean and be a good example for my family and friends! 

This Weeks Meal Plan


Have a great week!  Message me for help with meal planning or picking a workout to meet your needs!  I absolutely love love love helping others and would like to do the same for you!!!

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