Eating Clean On a Budget

Grocery Shopping on a budget.

When I first started my journey in the world of clean eating I had absolutely none of the basics that you need to have in your pantry.  So I had to start from scratch.  I used to be very good at planning out my meals and grocery shopping in a specific way so that I would be cost efficient and still stay on track.  Lets face it, junk food these days is just as expensive as healthy food.  The key is to plan out your strategy.

Believe me when I say, there are plenty of broke college students, and struggling fitness models and competitors who  are still able to eat well despite the odds! It just takes a little extra planning and perhaps some saving.. but making it a priority in your budget will help. If your health isn’t a priority in your life.. it should be! You DESERVE to be healthy! =)

Other Great tips:
Crock pots are a working girls best friend. Put the food in before you leave for work and when you get home dinner is ready. It’s also good for less expensive cuts of meat to slow cook.

The cheapest breakfast is eggs and plain oatmeal. The bonus is it’s good for you too. Oatmeal can cook in the microwave in seconds. Boil up some eggs while you are cooking dinner and put them in frig for the next morning to save time. Studies show a lean protein and carb combo breakfast is good brain food. Start your day off right.

Be aware of the correct portion size of meat. It should be about the size of the palm of your hand. A boneless skinless chicken thigh is a proper portion instead of the huge chicken breast that we eat. I save money by cutting a chicken breast in half. I’ve found chicken for $5 for a four-pack of boneless skinless breast. By cutting them in half it doubles my meat and saves on the calories.

Low cost lean proteins- You don’t have to eat meat with every meal. Start having Meatless Mondays that include beans as the main protein with lots of veggies. Eggs are another source of good quality protein that are low in cost. Frittata’s or quiches can be yummy. Recipes abound on the internet. Remember egg whites are more figure friendly.

There are plenty of ways to eat healthy on a low budget. Like I said before, you just have to make your health a priority!
“What you feed your body can either be the BEST medicine or the SLOWEST form of POISON”

Feed your body right so it can function properly and perform well for you! It’s the only body you’ve got so treat it with respect!!!