Let the Greek Games Begin

I am beyond excited to announce my next Beachbody Challenge group!  After finishing my last Sorority Challenge Group with some amazing ASA's we have decided to take it one step further and open the invite for another 12 week challenge! A few of my fellow coaches and I are teaming up to race for the crown!!  So if you are a Greek God or Goddess that has lost your stealth since your glory days then this is just the way to reclaim your physique.

Starting on July 16th and for the following 12 weeks we are forming 2 teams.  One team is sorority sisters and the other team is fraternity brothers.  It's the face off for the crown!  The guy and gal that lose the most weight and inches will be crowned the winner of the Greek god/goddess ultimate transformation.  There will be additional prizes awarded for the most supportive and most ripped!

How do I get Involved?  Go to my site create a Team Beachbody account with me as your coach.  Then, together we will begin the process of picking the Beachbody Challenge pack that will meet your needs and get you the body that you desire.  I will guide you through a series of questions to help you pick a fitness program that you are going to stick with and look forward to doing each day. 

Requirements-  Everyone always wants to know what's involved!  Here's the skinny!  The 12 week challenge group has been proven to be an effective way to lose weight, tone up, gain support, learn how to change your eating habits and ultimately succeed at reaching your weight loss goals.  In my personal experience I was able to lose 30 lbs with my challenge group.  By the time the 12 weeks was over I had made exercise and healthy eating a part of my lifestyle and it was a no brainer to continue the routine once the challenge was over.  All I did was commit to a fitness program (Insanity) replaced 1 meal a day with Shakeology (healthiest meal of the day) and plugged into the closed facebook support group each day for motivation, tips, recipes, meal plans and ideas to stay on track.  So if you do not currently drink Shakeology then that means you will have to invest in it for the length of the challenge, which is 12 weeks.  Shakeology was the one consistent meal that I knew each day I was getting the proper nutrition.  I didn't have to think about if what I was eating was clean, had the right carb and protein ratio or was the right amount of calories.  All the guess work was done for me!  The best part is that it was chocolate and it satisfied my sweet tooth!  It's honestly like a chocolate milkshake! 

My commitment to you!  As your coach I commit to providing you individual attention each and every day for the next 12 weeks.  I will help you set realistic health and fitness goals for yourself.  I will provide you with meal plans, tips, tricks and recipes to help you stay on track.  I believe that health and fitness should be a lifestyle change and not a fad diet.  I believe that you should fuel your body for energy and not for comfort.  I will teach you how to dig deeper and change those negative thoughts that have kept you from reaching your goals in the past.  My commitment to you is that if you invest in your health then I will fully invest in helping you reach your goals!

Are you with me?!  Do you want to take that crown?!