Women's P90X Transformation Results


Ok, so who would have thought that in 3-months I could lose 17 pounds, plus 3 inches off my waist and hips!!! I’m in awe of the P90X workout and words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found Melanie Mitro who taught me how to eat properly. I thought I was pretty healthy before, but not so much compared to how I eat now!!
So this past 90-days has been a life changer for me. Before that, I hadn’t worked out in over a year. In fact the last workout I attempted was Chalene Extreme, but I got it all wrong from the get-go… I purchased through Amazon, I did the routine alone, and I didn’t change my eating habits. So of course I didn’t see the results I was looking for! At the time I blamed it on the DVD, and that I was too ‘old’ to get in shape. I felt like there was no hope left for me to ever change my body and I had to accept the dreaded aging process.

But this time round I got it all right and learned so much along the way! Seriously, if it wasn’t for discovering Melanie on YouTube I don’t know where I’d be right now. At the time I was going through a low point in my life, was turning 46 years old, was extremely inactive, always tired and lacking in energy, and absolutely hated my fat belly. My husband would tell me how much he loved my pudgy curves and big butt, that it was womanly. But no matter how he spun it, the bottom line was I didn’t feel good about myself.

So giving P90X a chance (and I was scared!) was hands down the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. Within the first week my mind and spirit began to wake up, and by the second week I was already seeing crazy physical results. It lifted me up and made me feel alive. I honestly couldn't wait to press play every morning and I didn't dare sleep in, and I absolutely never missed a workout!! Losing 10% of my body fat over the 90-days has literally given me a new lease of life. And what’s bizarre is I’ve actually created an even better body than I had back in my early years – I now have a waist line and hips which is a novelty to me since I use to be super skinny with no hips at all.

But I have to say that being in Melanie’s Challenge Group played such a big part of my success. She is honestly the most inspiring, supportive coach a girl could ask for. I love her positive energy and willingness to give so generously of her time, to answer all questions, share her insights and knowledge, etc. It was obvious to me that she cared about those she was helping. She got me to drink my Shakeology every day, commit to a healthy diet and drink tons of water. And the many new dishes she introduced me too made for lots of yummy meals. I'm telling you, there were zero complaints from my husband on the food front! I know for a fact that my transformation would not have been as complete if not for Melanie. 

And I’d just like to add that my husband joined me on my P90X journey and his transformation is insane. I can’t stop staring at him with his top off!! His back and chest look amazing and his stomach has flattened… it’s like I’m with a whole new man. He didn’t take before and after photos but we think he lost over 30 lbs altogether! He’s as excited as me about our journey, and like me can’t wait to get back into a second round of P90X! BRING IT!!!

 Wowzer!!!  These are amazing results and I can't say enough about Ruth!  She absolutely brought the intensity each and every day with her workouts and made the clean eating a part of her lifestyle.  The enthusiasm and love for P90X was present at every workout and every post that she wrote!  I wish she lived closer to me so I could give her a huge hug!!!  What an amazing transformation and her testimony brought tears to my eyes!  ITS STORIES like these that are the reason why I do my job!  I just love seeing people succeed in their health and fitness journey and it makes it all worth it!!!

Ruth I am so proud of you and I am even more blessed to have you as a friend!

Would you like to take the same leap of faith that Ruth did with me?  Join my next challenge group and transform your body, mind and health in 90 days!!!

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