Happy Thursday!  Today is a sincere time for reflection.  It has been a roller coaster over the past week and I apologize for not being as consistent with my blog posts as I should be!  My 3 year old had his tonsils and adenoids out this Tuesday and he has been up and down for the last 48 hours.  So that has left me little time to focus on my blog, but have no fear.  I am back!  I hope that my powerful message today will inspire you to DREAM BIG and CREATE a vision for your life. 

I am participating in a 12 week personal development training called the Rhino Renegade with Craig Holiday.  We are on week 3 of the training and I must say that he does not mess around.  I love that Craig tells you just as it is!  I love that he puts the facts right in front of you.  You have the choice to either believe or not, but the only person you have to blame for your success or failure is yourself.  The topic of the call last night was discipline.  There were so many things that Craig said on that call that just resonated with me!  One of the things we discussed was visualization.  Visualize your goals before you achieve them.  You want to act as if you have already achieved it every day of your life.  

When I started my business a year ago my only goals for myself were to help 1 person transform their lives and start an eating clean book club.  I had absolutely no idea what this Beachbody opportunity was that I had signed up for.  I could see other coaches rising to the top on our weekly team calls and I started to envision my name on those leader boards.  I wanted to be top sales and 2 star diamond.  As other coaches advanced in rank I could feel myself wanting it just as much!  I started to seek out leadership and assistance in how to grow my business.  I surrounded myself with others that were successful.  I asked lots of questions, I sacrificed my favorite TV shows and afternoon naps for personal development books, blog building and social media trainings.  I not only transformed my own body but I developed a sense of confidence and accomplishment that no one could take away from me.  I created a vision board for the next 12 months and put dates on those goals.  I started to make them come true when I started making public statements about what I was going to achieve.  I made it public last fall when I said that I was going to qualify for the success club trip at the end of 2011.  Which I did!!  There was something to me telling others that I was going to make it happen that forced me to step out of my comfort zone and actually make true on what I said!  In January, I was a part of the Team Challenge in which my team took the first place prize!  During this time I advanced in rank to Diamond and shortly after that 1 star diamond! 

I will be completely honest there are goals on my dream board that I have not accomplished.  Quite a few actually.  But one thing that I have learned along the way is that I will not be defined by the failures that I have.  Just because I didn't achieve 2 star by summit and qualify for leadership doesn't mean that I am just going to throw my hands up and quit.  Because where would that get me?  No where?  I would be in the exact same place that I am right now but with less inspiration and income.  My long term vision for my business is to be 15 Star Diamond, to be financially stable, to buy the house that I dream of and to HELP OTHER PEOPLE SUCCEED!  When I started it was to help people lose weight and gain that confidence in themselves that I was able to feel.  But now it is not only helping people lose weight but helping my coaches be successful as well!  I honestly feel no greater joy than seeing my coaches reach success and feel amazing about what they are doing!  I want to share my passion and excitement for my DREAM job!  I hope to inspire those around me to be more positive, encouraging and caring!  When you can create that long term vision for your life it keeps you from being frustrated by short term failures.  For example, when I didn't reach my 2 star diamond goal by the date I wanted to there were absolutely a few moments where I sulked and felt sorry for myself.  Then, I reached out to my mentor, gave myself a quick swift kick in the rear and kept on going!  I am exactly where I should be in my business right now.  The only person I have to blame for my success/failure is myself! 

I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!  I believe in the fact that I will achieve what I want in life!  I have proven to those around me that I am consistent, motivated, disciplined and excited about my life's work!  I promise that wherever I am going it will not be boring!!!

I am excited to say that I finally reached my personal goal for myself to earn a specific dollar amount in one week!  Today is a day of gratitude and thanks because I could not have done it without the team of coaches above and below me.  I am a part of a family that is willing to accept me for my strengths and weaknesses and is willing to help me face my weaknesses and grow my business and my own personal self!!! 

My motto in life 24/7------------->WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!!

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