Well I am two weeks away from the end of my P90X/Insanity Hybrid and of course I am always thinking of what my next step is going to be!  I am actually getting rather bored right now and my body is really starting to give me some resistance.  So instead of giving up and taking time off, I sat back and re-evaluated my strategy.  I have decided that my next en devour is going to be Les Mills Pump.  I have read and watched so many other people have such great success with it.  I also went to my local YMCA and took a class as well.  In addition to paying your monthly gym membership, the pump classes are an additional cost.  Plus, childcare cost as well!  It just didn't make sense!  Plus I really like working out first thing in the am so that it doesn't interfere with the rest of my day.  So I hit the purchase button and it's on it's way! 

My start date is set for October 8th!  So if Les Mills Pump is something you are interested in doing this is a great time to do it!  We can support each other, go through the program together, chart our progress and stay accountable.  All you have to do is sign up to have me as your coach and get your own Les Mills Pump program.  But before you go clicking the purchase button or closing out this post, read a little more about the program to make sure that it is the right fit for you!

What makes Les Mills so exciting?

Beachbody® and Les Mills International teamed up specifically to bring to the world the best trainers, the best chart-topping music, and the best body-changing PUMP moves, so the same results can now be achieved at home that millions of people get in gyms every day.

Done three times a week, this barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program reshapes a person's entire body extremely fast!

Why is Les Mills Pump so effective?

It's all about THE REP EFFECT™. Unlike traditional strength workouts, which feature heavy weights that bulk people up, this program features light-to-moderate weights used at a higher rate of repetition.

The constantly changing tempo, body position, and speed of THE REP EFFECT breaks down more fat reserves, targets more muscle fibers, and burns more calories than traditional weight training.

What are the workouts like?

Muscles reach fatigue by performing 70-100 repetitions per body part. That's about 4 times more reps than one would typically perform in a standard gym workout.

Do people really only have to workout 3 days a week?

We encourage anyone to engage in non-resistance training workouts (such as cardio or cross-training) on days that they're not doing LES MILLS PUMP.

Who should do this workout?

People of all ages and fitness levelsMen and women who want to lose weight and get fit
People who want leaner, stronger muscles
Those new to working out
Women who are afraid of getting bulky from lifting weights
Fans of BODYPUMP gym classes who like to work out at home
People who want to try something new
People who do other Beachbody programs, such as: P90X®, RevAbs®, TurboFire®, 10-Minute Trainer®, and INSANITY®
Weightlifters who want to improve muscular endurance

What's included in the Les Mills Kit (Base Kit)

• 7 workouts on 7 DVDs (ranging from 20-55 minutes per workout)
• Padded barbell with speed safety clips
• Two 5-lb. weight plates
• Two 10-lb. weight plates
• Tape measure and measurement tracker
• Get Lean Nutrition Guide
• Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide

Les Mills Deluxe Kit
The Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe Kit is the perfect complement to the LES
MILLS PUMP workout system, and includes everything in the Base Kit, plus:

• 3 cardio workouts on 3 DVDs
• Step platform plus 4 risers
• Two additional 5-lb. weight plates

Purchase LES MILLS PUMP today and get started on the path to a leaner, younger, and healthier you!!!

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