Week 9 Insanity/P90X Hybrid

Today marks the 9th week of my Insanity/P90X hybrid!  I can't believe how quickly these past 8 weeks have gone by.  With the hustle and bustle of life, the stress of selling and buying a house and the craziness of the kids I hardly realized how fast I was moving along.  My life has been super busy but instead of retreating and going into comfort mode of eating ice cream, carbs and watching movies and sleeping in (what I would of done in the past), I decided to channel all of my frustration and stress into my workouts.  So when that alarm would go off at 5:00 am I wouldn't want to drag myself out of bed but I knew that I would feel so much better after a good long hard workout!  Every morning I would give myself a good solid scoop of Energy and Endurance and give my workout my all! 
Because of that one small decision each day I can now look back over the past 8 weeks and have a stronger body and a growing confidence even though my life is surrounded by uncertainties.  In the end, I come out on top regardless! 

I have been diligent about planning out my meals and packing my snacks!  So I always like to share what I'm eating with my readers each week!  So here is this weeks meal plan!  I'm amping up my protein this week because it's back to the grind and heavy lifting!!!  Time to kick some butt!!!!  Last phase of the hybrid, I'm taking you down!!!  :)


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