What Kind of impact is your life having on the world around you?

What kind of impact is your life having on the world around you?  How is the world a different as a result of your being here?  After you leave this world, what will you leave behind as a legacy and how will people remember you?  

Life is not a practice session; there's no dress rehearsal.  That is it. This is for real.  So, play it straight and true with yourself.  Take a look at your life and tell the truth about where you really are at.

Tell me are you up or down with each of these things?

Your health- UP OR DOWN?
Your personal development- UP OR DOWN?
Your relationships- UP OR DOWN?
Your finances- UP OR DOWN?
Your life itself- UP OR DOWN?

Where are you?  Which side of the line do you fall on in each area of your life?  If you have more down circles than up, I have two things to say:  the first is thank you for being honest!  The second is, Don't worry, you're not alone!!!!  Remember, gravity has been pulling you down since day one.  Remember that you've heard eight no's for every yes, and eleven negative comments for every positive one!  And those no's and negatives are compounding with force of the water hyacinth, threatening to cover the surface of your mind with a suffocating weed that blots out all possibilities of sunlight reaching the life that's wanting to thrive there.  The one or two no's didn't kill you- but those 40,000 can sure do some serious damage to your sense of possibility!
That's the slight edge working against you!!!

The good news, where you are right now is poised in the present, with the past stretching behind you and the future lying ahead.  You cannot change the past.  You can ABSOLUTELY CHANGE THE FUTURE!!!  

Are you heading up or heading down?  Right at this moment, at this exact juncture in your life, you can answer the question either way.  At any momenet in your life you can choose to change with side of the curve you are on! 

Step onto the upper curve, the path of success, and you will put any area of your life- your wealth, your finances, your relationships, your family life, your career, spiritual health, on track within a few years!!!  If you don't step onto the upper curve, failing is something that will take the rest of your life! 

Why am I writing this post in a health and fitness blog you might ask?  Because, we all need to dig a little deeper for motivation some days.  I am not just a stay at home mom who writes this blog.  I am an entreprenuer.  My first responsibility is my family.  Second is my business, but I really wanted to be a business woman.  I really love helping other people reach their health and fitness goals too.  But like anything you choose to do in life there are always nay sayers.  There are always people who think your dreams are silly.  But who are they to determine your fate and destiny.  Take the path of least resistance and you will live a life of mediocrity.  Who cares what others think of you, as long as you are happy, healthy and confident about the person that you are!

If it wasn't for the Beachbody Challenge, Coaching and my Bombshell Team I would not be where I am today.  I would not be standing here telling you about my 30 pound weight loss and helping hundreds of people do the same today.  I love starting new groups, watching my customers grow, lose weight, and gain confidence!  Let me help you do the same!  Join my challenge, starting October 8th.  Be a success story and start living a life you feel good about!

Have a Happy MONDAY!!! 

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