Women's P90X Transformation

Fairyana would do her workouts during her lunch break in the locker room.  She even doubled up her workouts doing the strength training at work on her lunch hour and then going home and doing cardio in the evenings.  She posted every single day her workouts and her calories burned. She asked lots of questions and had well thought out goals and dreams!

Women's P90X transformation

Fairyana is a customer of mine who found me through YouTube.  Fairyana is a sweet woman who just had a baby a year ago.  Fairyana committed to my 12 week challenge group called "90 days to a new you" 90 days ago.  Fairyana lives in Singapore, she works full time and is a busy wife and mom.  I was impressed from day 1 with her enthusiasm and excitement about really changing her body.  She knew what she wanted and she just needed the support and motivation to achieve it!  With a few tweaks here and there she has completed the 90 days of P90X and has rockin results to show for it!  She celebrated her baby girls birthday in the best shape of her life!!!  Fairyana committed to the fitness program, replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology and learning and implementing the principles of clean eating.

She lost 16.5 inches in her entire body and 16.3 lbs in 90 days with P90X.  

Because of her dedication and persistence she has had huge success!  She is on to Insanity/P90X hybrid at this time!!!