Destination Fixation

To Win the Race, Focus on Your Finish

This week as I was preparing for my 12 week class at Revolution Physical Therapy I was reading a little Chalene Johnson, Push.  On day 14 she talks about keeping your eye on the finish line!  I loved it so much that I have to share it with all of you!  Then, after you read this go out and get her book!  It's totally worth it!!!!!

Today I want you to work on the habit of focusing our minds on what we want to have happen as opposed to the 90 bazillion things that could go wrong.

Have you ever heard of the concept, Look at it, run into it.  You look at the curb.  You think, "I don't want to run into the curb.  I hope I don't run into that curb.  That curb is getting closer.  I can't look away.  Oh no!!!  I'm hitting the curb!"  And sure enough, you fixate yourself into a crash.  If at the moment you glanced at the curb, you then immediately fixed your eyes back on your destination, you would have been able to pull out of the collision.  Instead of looking at obstacles, instead of focusing on what you don't want to do, fixate on your finish line.  Fix your gaze on where it is you want to end up!

So today let's work on catching ourselves when we start to focus on anything other than our "destination"- the final outcome or positive end result of our goals.  By rejecting negative thoughts, you will in turn avoid focusing on your obstacles and instead redirect your concentration to the finish line. 

In our health and fitness journey we are always surrounded by all the different media sources that portray these perfectly toned, healthy and happy bodies.  But in reality that is like 5% of the population.  The majority of us struggle with our weight, fight to make healthy choices and fit in exercise in our already over booked lives.  But that doesn't mean that we just throw our hands up and get stuck on the obstacles.  So stop worrying and obsessing about the person you think might be holding you back or the skill you don't have yet or all of the other things you could possibly run into.  Because if you are fixating on them, you will indeed run into them.  Start fixating on your destination-your goal, the end product.  Don't let those other things distract you!

Learning to focus on your outcome is a HABIT!  As you learn this habit, you may need to start with baby steps.  Begin by thinking about the one thing this week you need to accomplish.  Let's say it is to lose 1 lb this week.  Yet, every time you think about your goal, you reflect on how difficult it's going to be to eat healthy at Lindsay's birthday party this weekend or you ponder all the temptations of donuts and bagels that hang out in the office breakroom and how your husband is planning a really nice dinner for the two of you to celebrate your anniversary.  Your first step is to catch yourself and realize those thoughts represent the curb you don't want to hit!
Instead, focus on the finish line.  Those negative thoughts are obstacles for the former you but inconsequential bumps in the road for the new, highly focused you!

Make your final destination your only option by focusing on the positive tools you have in place.

Tip:  The next social situation or event you attend where you have no clue who half of the people are, or what they might be thinking of you, avoid accessorizing with anxiety.  Self- doubt doesn't look good on anyone!  Not helping!!!

Picture yourself being loved and admired by everyone you meet.  Assume that all in attendance have heard great things about you.  Assume in advance that people will like you exactly the way you are.  Tell yourself that a cold or less than interested greeting is simply the other person's nervousness or anxiety.  Assume that people already think the world of you, so there is no need to prove or doubt yourself.  Make it your goal to want to know more about each person you encounter.  Make it a game, a challenge to meet as many people as possible and make them feel comfortable.
Instead of responding to the urge to tell others about yourself and your accomplishments and then worry endlessly about their opinion you, focus on them!  Listen. Digest.  Be Present.

As with any skill or habit practice makes perfect.  Before long, you'll be much quicker to catch yourself fixating on an obstacle or fear.  If you truly believe that success is your only option, then success will be your destination.  If you believe that bad luck, deceitful people, and a pre determined gene for obesity are your obstacles, then guess where you're headed?  Give energy to your roadblocks and they will flip you off course.  When you focus on the person or the limitations you believe you have, you will gain nothing more than a stomach ache.

Allow only your destination to dominate your thinking. Paint a picture in your mind of what your goal looks like once it's achieved.  Imagine how you would feel.  Embrace the excitement of crossing the finish line as if you have just done so. 

You control your destiny.  Where you look is where you will go. 

Your Assignment: List any idea, person, skill, or circumstance that you have perceived to be an obstacle to you reaching your health and fitness goals.

Next, cross it off.  And on the other side of the paper write one positive thing that you will focus on for every negative thing you listed!  Write out your irrational thoughts and ask yourself if it makes sense! 
Now use the items you listed as positives every time you picture that perceived obstacle, remind yourself to replace the thought with your positive focus.

For me, I keep that list beside the TV where I workout and sometimes on my bathroom mirror.  It reminds me that I WILL get to my FINAL destination no matter how long it takes.  I just have to keep my eye on the finish line!  There will be obstacles, there will be slip ups but I will and CAN get there!!!!

Let's do it together!!!!

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