Les Mills Pump DAY 1

Yesterday marked Day 1 of my Les Mills Pump program!  The Pump Challenge was my very first workout.  The Pump Challenge is a 20 minute workout that teaches you the fundamentals of resistance training exercises and connects it with the music.  It uses different tempos and challenges the music in multiple ways!  The result is a strength and function for life!  You use the barbell and weights that come with the program!
Moves:  You learn to squat, deadlift, bench press, clean and press, kickback and bicep curl. 

I can honestly tell you that I didn't really truly work up a big sweat because I am in super cardio shape from P90X/Insanity Hyrbid but I can tell you that I worked my muscles in a different way than my body is used to and today I am feeling the soreness!!!  :)

For my first workout it was perfect length.  I loved the instruction and technique building they did in the workout!  It was a great way to ease into it.  I learned what weights I should use and how to maintain proper form.  I'm pretty psyched to see where the next few weeks take me!!!  :)  Those deadlifts are brutal but amazing!!!

Nutrition is so key when you are doing a fitness program!  I always plan out my meals and make sure to have the proper nutrition on hand!  Here is a sample of my meal plan to support my fitness program!

I always aim to eat 5-6 small meals per day to keep my energy level sustained and my body fueled with proper nutrition.  It has been a life saver to have my Shakeology as a healthy snack so that I am not crashing mid afternoon!  Also, don't forget to drink lots of water!  The trick is to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day!  This keeps you hydrated, increases performance, mental clarity, keeps your hunger in check and helps you digest your food properly.  Water and food are 80% of your weight loss and nutrition goals.  If you miss this key component to your regimen it won't matter how much you workout you will still struggle to get to your goals.!!

Want more support and guidance with your fitness program and support?  Let me coach you to reaching your health and fitness goals!

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