Phase 2: Panoni- The CHANGE!!!!

After pump and burn!!  Running errands with the boys.
Week 5 of Les Mills Pump.  So I'm super excited about changing up my workout this week.  Monday was the first day of Pump and Shred.  Pump and Shred is a 45 minute workout that targets your entire body.  You are doing a lot of reps to work every single muscle in your body.  It was 45 minutes of intense work!!! But I honestly love it!!!

Week 5 starts what is called Phase 2 or PANONI (The Change)
During this 30 days of the program I'm going to be pushing my body to become stronger.  It is focusing on changing your shape and building and sculpting my muscles for that leaned out look!  The phrase of the month is, "Weights won't be the only thing lifted here!!!!"- LOVE IT!!  Speaking of lift, I can really really see that my butt is taking on some shape.  That is for me anyways, I have the flat butt for sure. So anything I can do to lift and plump it up makes me super happy!  I can just feel the layers of fat burning away and the muscles forming.  So no matter if you want to get rid of some junk in the trunk or sculpt and tone what is flabby into fabulous this will do it!! 

Nutrition- Nutrition is such a HUGE part of your journey.  80% of your results come from what you put in your mouth.  I'm sure you heard of the infamous saying, "You can't out exercise a bad diet".  That is beyond true. You could cardio, lift and train until you are dead on the floor but if you don't treat your body with respect it won't have the energy to get through a workout much less get you the results you want.  So here is my meal plan for the week.

This week I also added in some results and recovery on my high intensity cardio days.  That way I replace what was burned with good fuel for my body!!! 

I love to share my meal plans with you!  It helps you to get an idea of what to eat and when! 


Recipe of the week:  White chicken Chili
Wanted to try something new and it turned out fantastic!!!  Plus I absolutely love and adore The Gracious Pantry Blog!!  It's a well used favorite on my list!!!!

Until next week:  KIA KAHA (BE STRONG)

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