Week 2 Les Mills Pump

Clean Eating Meal Plan- Les Mills Pump
Well it's officially week 2 of Les Mills Pump.   Last week was a rough start.  I got a horrible sinus infection and had to take an extra rest day.  Thankfully the first week of Pump is very introductory and teaches you the fundamentals and basics.  So the 20 minute workouts were do able.  But the ab workout is a totally different story!  That workout is just plain intense!!!! The hover track is insane with the amount of planks you do, but I love anything that works my core so I always push through.

So I wanted to kick the second week off on the right foot.  Sunday is pretty much a guaranteed plan and prep day!  So I spent some time making some amazing pumpkin protein bites, some meatballs and pumpkin protein bars.  Now that my snacks and lunches are prepped I am all set!  Getting results that you want is 80% nutrition, so if you leave out this piece of the puzzle you are sure to end up feeling frustrated at the end of the 90 days.  Les Mills Pump gives you the total package!!

"With Les Mills Pump, you will drop pounds and gain some amazing muscle tone from the workouts plus fire up your metabolism.  But unless you feed your body right, your physique will never reach it's true potential. That's why Beachbody gives you the Get Lean Nutrition Guide."

Lunch:  Avocado Chicken Salad Pita

Pump and Burn Day 1 Week 2
Monday was Pump and Burn.  A 30 minute total body workout that targets all of your large muscle groups like your butt, thighs and shoulders and arms.  I seriously could feel the ache beginning to well up in my shoulders within an hour of the workout.  This morning I woke up with thighs that were burning!  It so exciting to see that even after all the exercise programs I have done that I can still get a killer burn and challenge my body in new ways!  I'm pretty excited about the results that I should be seeing in the next few months.  That has also motivated me to really really focus on my nutrition and make sure that I am fueling my body appropriately.  
I am doing that by making sure I'm getting my 5-6 small meals per day with a complex carb and a protein at each meal.  Plenty of water and my daily Shakeology to keep my sweet cravings down, energy level up and my body functioning like a well oiled machine!!  

I can tell that the next couple of months are going to be challenging because we are moving to a new house and we are busy packing and preparing!  But in the midst of the chaos, I at least have my workouts to look forward too! :)

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