How to Get Started With Turbofire

So how many of you out there ordered Turbofire when it was on SALE last week through Beachbody??  I feel like I'm getting questions right and left on how to get started with the program.  What workouts to do and the best way to be successful!  So I have decided that to help all of you who are starting turbofire feel confident in your beginning that I am offering to add you to a Turbofire Support Group page on facebook.  You can receive my support as your coach and we can all work through Turbofire together!!!  So even if you didn't purchase it when it was on sale that doesn't mean you still can't purchase it and jump in with us!

Just click the link below and request to join the group!!!

Join the closed facebook group!!!

So now that you have received your Turbofire package, what is next?!?!

1.  Open it!!!- don't just let it sit on your table all packaged in the box. Tear it open and embrace the change that is about to happen!  This workout is the most fun you are ever going to have working out!  The music is intense, Chalene is high energy and the choreography is out of this world!!!  But before you pop in the first DVD read through the program guide!

2.  Do your research- Next look at the calendar, map out your plan.  Set a start date!!  What day do you commit to starting your 12 week program?  Write it on the calendar and then tell someone!  Hold yourself accountable to getting on the right track.  Decide what time of day you are going to workout.  Is it first thing in the am or during nap time or in the evening when you get home from work.  Whatever time works for you and will fit with your lifestyle schedule it!  Then, look at it like a meeting with your boss.  You wouldn't go cancelling your yearly review now would you?  So, don't think twice about skipping your workout.  This is your health and no one is going to take care of you but YOU!

3.  Set up  your workout space- You do not need a lot of room for turbofire and the only equipment you need are the bands.  But you will need to clear out some space so you have room to move!  You don't want to punch or kick over that expensive lamp!!!!

4.  Read over the nutrition guide- Make a plan!  So what are you going to eat?  Do you have good healthy and nutritious food in your fridge right now??  If not, take some time to clear out the bad and stock up on the good!  The nutrition guide gives you a ton of great snack ideas and really simple meal ideas.  one of my absolute favorites is the Turbofire chili!!  It's a must have in every family.  I also have a ton more recipes on my eat clean recipes tab above.

5.  Take your before pictures and measurements- this is key to setting yourself up for success.  It is of the utmost importance to take those before pictures and measurements.  Not because I want to torture you and make you feel worse than you already do, but because I want you to truly see the fruits of your labors.  I want you to look back in 90 days and be amazed at the person you were on day 1!!!  I want you to realize what you are capable of!  I want you to know that you have come a long way.  Especially when we see ourselves every day we don't always see the transformation that has happened, the slimmer face, the smaller waist.  We are so overly critical of ourselves we forget the small progress along the way!  I promise if you take the time to do your measurements and take your pictures you will thank me at the end!!!!!!

6.  Plug in for support- whether or not you choose to join my challenge group that is fine!  But make sure you have a free account with team beachbody.  Make sure you are a part of our closed facebook support group.  You need a place to ask questions, talk about your struggles and get support!  When people ask me why I stuck with it, I will always tell you that it was because of the SUPPORT!  My challenge group, my coach and my fellow challengers pulled me through!!!  Yep there were days I wanted to give up to!  But because of them, I didn't.  I was empowered to push through and make it to the other side.  A healthier, stronger, and more energetic MOM!!!!!

 Tips:  Choose the new to class option when you are just beginning.  The choreography can be a little tricky.  So make sure you choose the new to class.  It breaks down each segment and helps you to get the hang of it.  But I swear the first week I didn't know which end was up!  After a week I got the hang of it and was able to keep on going!  Have fun, no one can see u if you mess up or even punch yourself in the face (LOL, it's been done!!!)

Good luck and you know where to find me if you need me!  Hit me up on my facebook page for constant healthy eating tips and tricks to motivate you and keep you accountable to your own health and fitness goals!!!

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