Katy Ursta's Coach Transformation and Coach Success Story

I'm really excited to share another amazing coach success story with you all this week!  Katy Ursta is my brand new Diamond Beachbody Coach on the team!  She is one of the most driven, motivated and passionate people that I have ever met.  It's no wonder that she is an amazing coach!!  And I also have to mention that she just isn't a Beachbody Coach, she's a mom, wife, and full time teacher!!  Check out her story!!!

When I started my first Beachbody program, Insanity, I was slowly putting the weight on that I actually lost very quickly after I gave birth to my son.  Although I felt that I was an active person, I never thought of myself as an athlete.  My routine of running and lifting wasn’t giving me results.  I noticed my eating habits were changing for the worse.  When I started to slowly gain weight, I just kept eating.  I often thought, “well I went for a run this morning, so it doesn’t matter if I eat what I want.” 
I avoided mirrors and made judgments about myself in each picture I was in.  My negative emotions about myself began to seep into my personal life and my professional life.  I was depriving my son of a happy mom and my husband was really taking the brunt of my insecurities.   The scale defined my entire day, my entire life.  That number told me how to feel. That number had complete control of my every emotion: good and bad.  Imagine: A number having complete control over your happiness. 

I originally started my journey with Beachbody like so many others.  I watched the infomercials.  I saw people getting results.  Their before pictures didn’t look edited.  They looked like me.  They looked like my husband. I wanted my husband to have a wife he could be proud of, and I wanted to be a mom that had energy to play with her son.  I really wanted to look good and feel better.  I ordered Insanity, and I didn’t look back.  I made it a nonnegotiable.  I would complete Insanity and I would get the results. 

The results I saw were definitely not limited to a number on the scale.  I’ve lost inches, yes.  I’ve gained a ton of energy, absolutely!  But the achievement I am most proud of is the physical and mental strength that I now know I have.  I accomplished something that so many others are afraid to try.  It’s so amazing what you can do when you let go of your insecurities and doubts. 

          I started coaching to make myself accountable.  I worked really hard to get those results and I really wanted to maintain them.  I also wanted to help my husband meet his own goals.  I realized that we were both seeing results without paying a membership to a gym.  This Beachbody thing was working for us!  When I signed up as a coach, I asked a couple friends to join my challenge group.  I realized that the daily accountability and motivation helped everyone in the group get results.  Not only was I able to help others, but they were in turn helping me. 

There are still days that I struggle with my body image. After all, I spent the last 20 years avoiding mirrors and making judgments about myself in pictures.  However, as a coach, I get access to an entire network filled with other coaches who have been there, who get what it’s like to struggle, and most importantly, who understand how the power of helping others makes you become better person. I have met so many wonderful people through coaching and have reconnecting with friends I haven’t heard from in years.  And more importantly, I have the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life.  How awesome is that!

          In the last few months , I’ve not only transformed my body and health through programs like Insanity, Asylum, P90X, and Les Mills Pump, and Shakeology but I feel as though I have a much more positive outlook on life.  I make a conscious effort to seek the good in people.  I smile more.  I laugh more and I appreciate all of the gifts I’ve been given.  Life is so precious and I wasted a lot of time caring too much about what others thought and not enough time focusing on what really matters: my family, my health, and my happiness.

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to pay forward what Beachbody has given me:  confidence, health, energy, and comfort in my own skin:  FINALLY.

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