Les Mills Pump Week 8 Update

My weekly check in!!!  So you may or may not have been noticing the vanishing equipment in my workout room.  Along with the plethora of boxes that are taking over my space! Today was the last workout in my townhouse.  This was the place that my husband and I started our marriage, grew our family and my transformation happened.  We have lived in our house for 6 years and we have created so many memories.  More than I can ever possibly remember.  Yes it is a sad day, but it is also a day of new beginnings.  We desperately needed more space, as a family of 4 our townhouse just couldn't accommodate everything that comes with 2 boys a dog, and 2 adults!  So we are looking forward to the boys having a playroom, me finally having an office, a back yard for the dog and space to spread out!!! 

Even with all the craziness of moving, packing, selling and buying a house I still managed to hold strong with my workouts.  I have learned that my workouts are my solace.  They are not workouts, they are something that I look forward to each day.  If I don't do it, then I am literally grumpy!  It's my stress relief, my "Me" time and my confidence booster!  So this week I started week 8!  I can't believe at the end of this week I will of been doing pump for 2 months. 

So what have I learned:  That Pump Revolution is the hardest workout!  I seriously within 4 hours couldn't lift my arms above my head!  I have learned that this workout is the best booty and leg workout ever!!  You want a toned body this is the way to go!!!  I'm loving it!  I don't like the walk days so I always sub in Turbofire or Insanity!  But it's well rounded and I am having fun! 

 Who could do pump?  Anyone!  As long as you don't have knee or back problems.  I would say that the squats and lunges are not good if you have bad knees and there really isn't a way around them!  But you can start with only the bar if you are new, there are modifications in every workout.  If you are advanced then you load up the bar with extra weights!  You can make it as intense or as entry level as your are!! 

This morning I did pump extreme for the first time and it was hard but not harder than Pump Revolution!!!

Tomorrow is hard core abs and Turbofire fire 30!!!

Wednesday is pump and shred- that double leg track is a killer!  Holy squats and lunges!!!! 

Thursday is a rest day but I'm going to do Turbofire because it's Thanksgiving!!!!  So I want to rev up my metabolism so I can eat more of course!!!

Friday is flow and hard core abs- I'm not a huge fan of yoga so I tend to do cardio, so I'll bust out some Turbofire to combat the Turkey day pumpkin pie that I WILL have!!

Saturday is Pump Extreme- yay baby!!

Sunday is my rest day!!!  :)

 With the week being crazy I made a meal plan and cooked some meatballs ahead of time to eat for lunches, grabbed some packets of tuna so I had extra protein, I have my shakeology in hand, some protein bars, apples and almonds!!  I'm good to go!  I will stay on track!
Pump Meal Plan

With Thursday being Thanksgiving I'm not throwing it all to the wind either!  The key is to focus on getting up doing your workouts!  Thanksgiving is one meal, on one day, not an entire week!  So get up do your workout, and control your portions!  Enjoy some of your favorites but pick and choose what is most important to spend your calories on!  That's how I roll!

Happy Turkey DAY!!!  :)


If you want more information on Les Mills Pump and how you can get started please create an account with me as your coach and we can discuss whether or not this program is right for you!!

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