Les Mills Weekly Progress Update- Not my best weeks

Well it's time for my weekly update!!!  I am technically in week 9 of Les Mills Pump and supposed to be starting my 3rd month!  Although I decided that due to the craziness of my life last week I am going to re do week 8!  I switched around my workouts, didn't get all of the pump classes in and I was just plain tired!  I honestly didn't feel like I gave it my all.  My food choices were less than average and I totally let the craziness of life get in the way.  Rightfully so, I was moving and everything was in boxes.  I did my best to pre-plan it out.  I went and got some protein bars to keep in my purse, I bought a case of water, kept my shaker cup and shakeology handy at all times and portioned out apples and almonds.  Unfortunately, the major meals of the day were brought to us by family and I was just to exhausted and hungry to care!  I paid the price in the sense that I had horrific stomach pains from eating food I don't typically eat, for example LUNCH MEAT and DORITOS!  (AHHH not my most shining moment) I was sluggish and my workouts suffered due to my lack of energy!  Although, I'm sure I still burned an insane amount of calories moving boxes and furniture for 12 hours the day before Thanksgiving!!

On Thanksgiving Day I actually did amazing!  I ate my oatmeal, drank my shake, had my apple and almonds as a snack and then had a modest Turkey dinner without the mashed potatoes and gravy!  I had turkey, stuffing, a sweet potato and green beans, oh and a fruit cup!  Lots of water and 1/2 slice of pumpkin pie!  So I would say over all it could of been way way worse! 

So I decided that this week I would start clean, kick the cravings to the curb and get back on track!
To do a mini detox and regain my energy I am subbing 2 meals or snacks a day with Shakeology for the extra nutrient boost!!  I am keeping it basic and clean!  I'm following a 1/2 stripped and 1/2 maintenance food plan this week!

So far it's Thursday and I feel great and I haven't had a problem sticking to my plan!  I'm ready to take on week 9 next week with intensity and go into the holiday season feeling even more amazing that I did last year!!!

I have realized that we have a CHOICE in everything that we do!  No one is holding your face to a plate and telling you to eat!  I've learned that if you want it bad enough you will find a way!  You can offer to bring a healthy side or appetizer to share with your family and friends, you can pre-eat, and you can always find somewhere to exercise!  It basically comes down to the fact of how bad do you want it!!!

I have had a taste of the GLORY and I want it FOREVER!!!

Happy Thursday!  Eat CLEAN and TRAIN MEAN!!!!!!!

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