Mother of 2 Insanity Transformation Story- Deidra!!!

Insanity must run in the family!!!  Say hello to my newest challenge group graduate and my cousin!!!!  Seriously there is something about the Shusteric genes!  When we put our game face on there is no stopping us!  Deidra is a mom of 2 boys Chase and Weston!  I might add that they are super adorable little men!!!!

So here is Deidra's awesome story!

Before starting my journey with Insanity and Team Beachbody, I was 6 weeks post partum with my second boy. I had my boys 17 months apart, but the second time around is not so easy to come off. I decided to take this journey after my cousin Melanie Mitro, a Beachbody Coach, talked me into trying it.

I decided to run with it, since at this point I was completely disgusted with myself. I was always pretty athletic, but never super skinny and tone, but also not obese. I started with insanity Aug 6th 2012. I was extremely nervous since I had not been eating healthy in a while, drinking a lot of pop, and also not working out what so ever. Insanity was definitely a rude awakening for me! I was so extremely sore the first week, I was thinking how to manage the next work out since I could barely get out of bed. My cousin/coach kept pushing and saying "even though your sore, it is going to pay off to get up that next morning and get that workout in... the soreness WILL go away".. After a week of insanity and eating clean and using shakeology, I was surprised on how my body was already getting into my new lifestyle. Eating clean and using shakeology already gave me so much energy, but doing Insanity was helping me get the tone ness and definition I wanted back!

After 90 days, I have so much engery to play with my boys, to get up and go to work, to get through my school, and be a wife and mommy!! My eating habits have completely changed and even got my oldest son that is not even 2 yrs old into drinking shakeology with me, loves rice cakes and peanut butter, and turkey burgers!

It makes me so happy to be able to have a partner on the side who has fun eating these foods with me! Also, I no longer need that caffeine in pop because I have the energy I need with clean eating, shakeology, and working out! I finished my last 30 days with p90x, but am continuing to complete that before moving on to yet another workout (turbo fire)!

So with my 90 day challenge/transformation, I have lost a total of 18 lbs and 16 1/4 inches!!

More is to come, this is just the beginning and am thankful to have such a great inspiration such as Melanie!! What a great impact she has made on not only me, but now I can take the knowledge she has provided me with and pass it on to help others achieve big goals!!

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