Week 6 Les Mills Pump Update

Week 6 is under way!!!  This week the schedule adds in 3 days of pump and shred (45 minutes of pure burn) with only 1 rest day!  So on my walk days I have been doing Turbofire.  I added in Fire 30 on Tuesday, tomorrow is Fire 45 EZ class and Friday is Fire 30.  I have my rest day scheduled for Sunday!

So the biggest change I have noticed so far is in my arms.  My arms are rock hard and defined.  The burn that I feel after every pump workout is insane.  The lunge track just about kills my legs but I love that my body is changing.  There is something about lifting a barbell that makes you feel empowered! 

New this week:  So as most of you know I am not working out every day to lose weight.  I am happy with my current weight loss.  But I workout because it is my source of stress relief in a crazy busy life that I lead as a stay at home mom, Beachbody Coach and wife.  I am always looking to improve my muscle tone, and sculpt my body!  But don't think that Les Mills pump won't shred the inches and pounds.  Because it will! 
Also, I drink Shakeology every single day!  At first when I started drinking Shakeology it was for weight loss.  I wanted to shed those post baby pounds any way that I could.  I found that I craved the taste of Shakeology and the natural energy that it provided me.  Now I drink it because it's quick, convenient, and super healthy.  It's not a protein shake, it's a meal!  It's a meal that gives me the BEST nutrition for my body!  It tastes amazing and honestly it curbs my sweet tooth!  I found a new recipe that I just love!  The creamy texture makes me want to lick the cup (oh well maybe I have done that)


1 scoop chocolate Shakeology (or 1 packet)
1 tbsp almond butter
1 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
3/4 cup water
and blend it up!!!!

You are left with an amazing creamy dreamy shake!!!!!  I'm telling you it is amazing!!!

Oh and I stumbled upon this youtube video this week!  Just solidifies why I love this stuff!!!

(Want to try Shakeology, message me for details and I will help you have the best experience possible!!!)

So, while I want to drink it for every meal I do like to chew my food to!  So here is what I will be eating this week!
I hope this helps you wrap your head around how awesome eating healthy is! Just look at the shear volume of food I can eat each day!  Love it!  I love to eat!!!
I also spend about an hour or so on Sunday's prepping my food for the week.  I find when I cut up my veggies and fruits I am more likely to reach for them rather than the kids snacks or carbs!!  So take time each week to make sure you are set for success each week!
Here are my cut up cucumbers, red peppers, celery, and portioned out 14 raw unsalted almonds in each baggie to place in the pantry.  That way I grab and go each am!  I pair the veggies with 1-2 tbsp of humms (Great source of protein).

 Yummy Pumpkin protein bars to snack on when the carb craving hits!!  I always pair it with a cup of green tea for my afternoon snack because that's my carb craving time!!!

Have a wonderful week and be strong!!!!!

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