A Day In the Life Of Melanie Mitro

Christmas Cards-A Day in the Life of a mother to 2 boys and 1 big CHILD!

A Day in the Life of a Stay at home mom, Beachbody Coach, Wife, new home owner and multi tasker!!!
I decided to do a photo journal of my crazy life after one of my coaches gave me the idea!!  Right now I wouldn't classify my life as anything but normal! We moved into a new house the day before Thanksgiving and ever since then it has been complete and utter chaos!  I have been trying to maintain some sort of normalcy for my family and still continue to grow my business.  On Wednesday we got brand new carpet in the entire second floor of our house.  So this photo journal is a day in the life of me working my business and then unpacking my life!


Results and Recovery Post Workout Drink

Next off to the shower and then it's time for breakfast which is always my favorite!!!  OATMEAL!!  Then, once I get the family up and dressed it's off to my office to work! I have a babysitter that comes 2 days a week so that I can focus on my Beachbody business, customers and coaches!

Don't forget to eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism on track and your mind sharp!

Yeah I totally thought my lunch meeting was at noon, but it was clearly in my planner as 12:30.  So 1/2 hour to kill, why not shop!

Back to my office, afternoon of mentoring my fabulous team!


No this dinner is not clean!  Nor does it fit into what I preach.  But you know I am human and sometimes life just gets crazy!  I had a meal planned but by the time the carpet installers left, the sitter went home and we surveyed the mess pizza sounded like a much better option!  So we ordered from this local pizza place where you can customize your pizza.  Whole grain crust, minimal processed ingredients and a huge salad!  :)

This just is a quote I found!  I love it because I literally never ever sit down.  If I'm doing cooking, cleaning, working, then I'm chasing after my 2 boys who love to play swords, wrestle, and race cars.


It's 9:00 pm in the Mitro's and I put both boys to bed and have unpacked at least 20 boxes of clothes and toys and I'm ready for some "Me" time!  I spend my "Me" time doing what I love!  Checking in with my challenge groups and then spending some time with the hubby!  Then it's off to bed about 11pm!!  :)  Every night I'm exhausted but every day I wake up ready to do it all again!!!  No REGRETS!!
Seize the DAY!!


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