Dream Team Coach Spotlight: Melinda Besinaiz

Happy Friday!  I love love love to spotlight my amazing coaches on my team when they do some really great things with their businesses.  Today I have the chance to spotlight my coach, challenger and friend Melinda.  She found me a little over 4 months ago and wanted to join my challenge group!  From the time she committed to being in my challenge group she hasn't looked back.  I am honored to have her on my team and anyone that has her for a coach is super lucky!   She is dedicated to helping every single one of her customers to the best of her ability!  I know that she has what it takes to really impact people with her own experience! Melinda just earned her free ticket to Summit 2013 in Vegas and achieved Emerald rank in her Beachbody Business this week.   Check out her story!
Before Pic (Jan 2011)

I tried my first BeachBody program about 5 years ago with P90X. My sister and I would meet in the gym of her apartment and do the workouts on her laptop. The problem was that I was simply going through the motions. I didn't put in much effort, saw no results and quit. Fast forward to March of 2012...My son was 8 months old and I seriously needed to make some changes. I had lost the baby weight but I still had that 30 pounds that I tried to lose before I even got pregnant. I was depressed because I didn't have any cute clothes, I always hid in the back of pictures if I took them at all, I dreaded going shopping because I didn't want to face the reality of the size I was in, I was always tired and kind of had a general negativity about life.
I knew I didn't want this to be the mommy that my son had to look up to so I started looking for P90X before and after pictures on line. I could surf the web looking at transformation pictures all day, but then one day it just clicked...WHY NOT ME? Why couldn't I be one of those transformation stories? That same day I stumbled across Turbo Fire and fell in love. I joined a challenge group but was very stubborn about drinking Shakeology and didn't do too much to clean up my diet. Needless to say...I failed again. I was heart broken because I had seen just a slight loss but not what I was seeing on line.

In July I was introduced to my coach Melanie and it's like a whole new world was opened up for me. She encouraged me to give Turbo Fire a try again but this time she made Shakeology a requirement, not an option. She taught me about the clean eating lifestyle and added me to a challenge group where both the coach and the challengers were active and accountable every day.

I made a commitment to myself, my family and my challenge group that I would Push Play EVERY day, drink my Shakeology EVERY day and clean up my meal plans immediately. I sat down and explained what I wanted to do with my husband and told him that I would need some extra support to help with our son so that I could really focus on what I needed to in order to be a better wife and mother. He was more than willing and that right there was a key part of my success. Being able to carve out some "me time".

 No it wasn't always easy to wake up at 5am to do my workouts. Yes sometimes it took a little extra self-talk to get out of bed, but I did it! It got easier and easier and I was quickly seeing results. I was getting compliments from others and I slowly started to feel better about myself. I was losing weight, dropping pant sizes and once again shopping was fun! After I completed my 12 week Turbo Fire challenge I had lost 18 pounds and 12 inches!! It was at this point that it only seemed natural to make the transition to Beachbody Coach, to help others reach their fitness goals and to help them feel as great as I did.

I was like an eager school girl on the first day of school. I wanted to learn EVERYTHING about Beachbody!! I took the Coach Training Academy on line, met other coaches, read all that I could and jumped into my first challenge group as a coach!

I can't explain how rewarding it is to help support and guide others on their health and fitness journey. Help them to see that they DO have it in them to push play, to eat healthy and to get fabulous results!

I just became an Emerald coach today, just 4 months after being in the business and I'm so excited and eager to keep helping others. Another part of being a coach that I absolutely love is that by coaching others I am still held accountable too. I strive to be a product of the product and continue to show others that this is a lifestyle not just a fad diet or quick fix for bikini season. I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, happiness and positivity now and I almost have a permanent smile on my face every single day. There's SO much more to life than lounging around on the couch and eating junk food all day. I can't believe I wasted so much time looking at other people's transformations when I could have been making my own long ago!

 I will forever be grateful to Beachbody, my coach Melanie and my support system for giving me my new life full of energy, confidence, health and happiness!

Want to know more about Beachbody Coaching?  Click here to watch a webinar explaining coaching and get a sneak peak into one of our weekly team calls!! 

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