Les Mills Pump Week 11

Week 11 of Les Mills Body Pump kicks off now!

I'm pretty excited about  my results so far.  I've really  noticed a huge difference in my arms, shoulders and back.  I also can tell that the weight that I was lifting on day 1 is hardly even enough for me now!  I am planning on continuing with pump and combat after the Reset so I think getting the heavier plates is on my list of things to do!

With the holidays being in full swing and our busy days with preschool, painting, unpacking and just life I have found it hard to stay on track with my eating.  My workouts are great because I get up early to do them.  But I find that I struggle with random snacking these days.  All the extra treats and sweets that people keep dropping off are starting be hard to resist.  I am noticing that the same thing is happening to all of my challengers as well.  So this week I am totally focusing on ways we can combat those holiday temptations!!!

I'm armed with my meal plan, my stocked fridge and my water bottle.  Keeping my mind on the fact that every thing counts!  Every cheat and slip up makes it harder to resist other temptations.  Rationalizing the bad choices are something that many of us do.  So make sure to keep yourself aware of when you do it and stop yourself before it gets out of control.  Searching pinterest for fitness motivation, setting personal goals and having someone to hold you accountable will help you stay on track.

Here is my meal plan for the week.  I am going simple and convenient this week.  I hope that my meal plan can also help give you a visual of how to make a meal plan.  I suggest if this is the first time you are creating a plan that you grab a sheet of paper and just jot down what you are going to eat each day.  Then, email it to me at mmitro@hotmail.com and I would be glad to give you feedback.  It always helps to have that second pair of eyes to see if you are on the right track.

I'm loving the burn in my biceps this week!  I've upped my weights to the heaviest plates and by the end my arms are shaking and I can barely lift them.  The cool thing about Pump is that they go from your arms to your legs so you literally forget about your arms and then your legs are shaking!  My favorite workout is pump revolution, the music is awesome and the moves are killer!!!

I love the fact that I am ending this year in the best shape of my life!!  2013 is all about building lean muscle and improving my clean eating lifestyle for my family!!!

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