Day 13 and 14 Ultimate Reset Journal

Day 13 and Day 14!!  These two days mark the last of the 2nd phase.  Let's talk about the real deal, what am I feeling!

So of course you  may think that I will sugar coat things because I am a Beachbody Coach and I want you to have a good experience with the cleanse.  But that's not me!  I am down 6.5 lbs since I started, I natural energy, not caffeine induced energy, my skin feels great, my joints don't hurt and the food tastes great.  I used to have a lot of back and knee pain.  Which I always attributed to the intensity of my workouts.  But after the first week of the Reset all of those pains have subsided.  I wake up in the am and can focus without needing any coffee.  Fruit tastes like candy!! The downside is that I am such a sucker for sweets!  I literally love eating cookies and ice cream.  I usually would allow myself 1 day a week where I had something unclean.  But with the cleanse there is no cheating at all.  I find myself asking what will I do after the cleanse is over!  Will  I drink coffee, will I eat ice cream and will I have a few chips?

It's hard because I don't want to gunk up my body again because I feel so awesome.  I do believe that having a balance between the two is key!  I plan on maintaining my lifestyle this way 95% of the time.  Then once a week I will allow myself a cheat such as cake, or a glass of wine!  I can't imagine life any other way.  I certainly don't feel like I am starving either!

Day 13 was interesting for sure.  I started out with my usual fruit plate for breakfast.

It is Thursday which is my busy running day.  I got Landon off to school and headed to the grocery store to get my food for next week!

I am seriously stocked!!  It's a good thing that we have 2 fridges because I couldn't fit it all upstairs.
I was beginning to notice that the hunger pains were really strong by about 10:45am.  I decided that a microgreen salad and roasted beets for lunch wasn't going to cut it.  So I whipped up some pinto beans and brown rice with the microgreen salad.  It's so filling and full of flavor.  The best part is that it's beyond easy to make!
You could literally make it in the microwave if you didn't have a stove.  The other thing is you could make this in bulk and have enough for an entire weeks worth of lunches.

After lunch it was time to do a little cleaning and hang with the boys.  By the time my snack rolled around I could hardly wait to drink my shake.  Vegan Chocolate Shakeology to the rescue with  a shot of Alkalinize beforehand!  The green supplement is growing on me, I don't have to hold my nose anymore! 

So now here is where it gets interesting!  Tonight dinner is Kabocha Squash with Garlic Tahini Filling and steamed veggies.
I couldn't find Kabocha Squash but I did get Acorn Squash instead.  I followed the recipe exactly as it said.  Unfortunately I burned the stinking sauce!!!  But the squash was really really good!  I was pleasantly surprised at how full I was.
Gah the picture looks so bad!!!  But it honestly tasted really good!  Minus the burnt sauce!

Then it was off to Costco to stock up on more veggies!  I must say that the smell of pizza and the look of the frozen yogurt at the little cafe was making me crazy!  I seriously wanted to all out pig out on bad stuff.  Ice cream just made me foam at the mouth.  The boys got fruit smoothies and I just drooled the entire time they drank them.  In the past this would of never even phased me.  I managed to get back home and have my own healthy snack.

But I was starving this evening so I had some veggies and hummus tonight to curb it!  Helped tremendously!!!

Now onto the last day of the 2nd Phase! 

It's Day 14 and it's cleaning day!! Landon of course wanted to join me for breakfast again.  He's my little side kick.  He even asked me today if he could have some Shakeology for a snack! 

After breakfast I began the fun of cleaning, playing swords and doing laundry!  Just in time for my favorite lunch of all! Yes,  I totally am eating pinto beans and rice again!!!
I just can't get enough of the salad and rice!  I seriously crave it!
Snack time was a little vegan Shakeology for my chocolate fix while answering emails and the kids napped!
Tonight is the last of detox, YAY!!!  Tonight' dinner is a brand new recipe for me!  It's called Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash and some lemon pepper spinach. 
This recipe I really liked!  I could of probably eaten a double portion but it did it's job and kept me full.  I am having a rough time with evening snacking.  So I did have a bowl of veggies and some hummus in the evening.  I just couldn't make it. 
Ending Day 14 with lots of energy and lots of new recipes!  Tomorrow starts Phase 3 which is Restore!!!

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