Day 4 Ultimate Reset

Day 4- Ultimate Reset!!!

Well hello amazing breakfast!!!  I woke up this morning to some seriously uncomfortable back pain!  I am beginning to think that there is seriously something wrong with my back. It is this insane muscle pain all the way down to my quads.  I know that you can experience these cramps with the reset and they should subside within a day or 2.  It is not recommended to take any medication for pain.  Especially since it's a detox!!!  So I will be strong and push through!  I have to teach my P90X class this evening and I am definitely a little unsure how my energy level will be!

So let me share with you my breakfast.  As I was cutting up my fruit and scooping out my yogurt my 3 1/2 year old Landon came over and pointed to my plate.  He said, "Mommy, I want exactly what you are having!"  He pointed to the strawberries, kiwi, apples and grapes. He wanted it just like mommies!!  So I made a fruit plate and toast for him and one for me.  We enjoyed a fabulous little breakfast date together.  The fact that I am teaching him healthy choices makes all the difference in the world.
After running Landon to school and coming back home I was starving!!  It was almost time for lunch.  I drank my supplements and while I made my salad and got my lentil lime salad together I got the kids lunch!  We all sat down together and had a great meal!  I was absolutely satisfied and couldn't even fit another stitch of food in my body!
Snack yesterday I decided to switch it up!  I needed something sweet!  I pulled out the Vegan Chocolate Shakeology, mixed it up with some water, almond milk and ice and had a shake in the afternoon.  But that was obviously 30 minutes after I drank that yummy green drink that I talked about yesterday!!!  And yes the green drink is gross, but it actually keeps me full!
Now to dinner!  This is by far my absolute favorite meal so far! The stir fry was fantastic and the cucumber tomato salad was the best!!!! 
I am not feeling tomorrow nights dinner so I will be repeating this one!
Both dishes were full of flavor and really filling.  Man you can really eat a lot of food on this reset and feel awesome!  Love it!!!
Now it's off to teach my total body core class!  Wish me Luck!!!

So, it's the evening and I'm back home!  A bit hungry and sore!  So it's time for some tea and relaxation!
Just when I thought the excitement from the day was over, look what showed up on my doorstep!  My elite fantastic roses! They were each stamped with a different fitness program logo along with congrats elite coach!  Super cool!  What girl doesn't love roses!!!
It's been a long day!  It's time to hit the sheets!!
Hoping tomorrow I wake up with no back pain!!!!

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