Ultimate Reset Day 2: Reclaim

Day 2 of the ultimate reset is in the bag!!!  I woke up yesterday and actually felt really good.  I honestly thought it would be much worse since I hadn't drank any caffeine.  I woke up at 6:00 am to get my usual routine started.  I notice that I am waiting until later in the am to eat so that I can prolong my day!  Otherwise I worry that I will be starving at night.

So I took my supplements about 7:00 am.
Then at 7:30 I made breakfast.  It was 1 cup oatmeal with 1 cup fresh blueberries and 1/2 cup organic plain yogurt with a dab of honey.  I ended up mixing it all together in one bowel.  I loved it!  Especially since oatmeal is MY favorite go to meal!  Afterwards I had a cup of caffeine free herbal tea with no sweetener to replace my morning cup of coffee!
We had my two nieces over for a sleep over so that morning.  Matt made them all pancakes (chocolate ones) and I wanted so bad to taste them.  I kept having to tell myself to walk away!!  I kept drinking my water and keeping myself busy around the house!  So far so good!

Then, lunchtime rolled around!  Today was a Greek Salad with Greek Dressing!  I whipped up the entire salad which was absolutely amazing!  I made one for both my husband and I!  The home made Greek dressing was fantastic and easy to make.  The olives in the salad really gave it some awesome flavor!  Lunch was also approved by my husband as well.
After lunch we got dressed and headed out to do some returns from the holidays.  I made it to a few stores before I started to get an excruciating headache and my stomach started to rumble.  At that point I knew I had to get home.  My husband tried to push it to another store and I just about ripped his head off! 
When we got home I drank the lovely green Alkalinize drink, got Bryce ready for his nap and sat down to answer a few emails.  That took up some time, you have to wait 30 minutes after your supplements before you can eat!  So, I kept my mind busy!  Afternoon snack was an apple and 1 tbsp all natural peanut butter!

At this point, my head was pounding so I laid down for 45 minutes. When I woke up I was completely rejuvinated and ready to go. 

Dinner was black beans, rice, fresh corn, steamed kale guacamole and salsa.  I couldn't believe how much food you got for dinner!  I ended up mixing it all together and having a big rice bowel! 

After dinner my sister in law (who is also doing the reset with me) and I started prepping some of the food for the next few days.  We made the lime lentils, miso soup and the japanese cucumber salad. The last thing on the list was the Nori Rolls but we decided to just order them from a restaurant instead!  It was a great experience cooking all the food and we learned a lot!!  Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks!  So far everything has been great!!!
The disaster in the kitchen
The finished results were lunch day 2 and half of dinner day 2.  Lunch for day 3!!!  All portioned out and ready to go!!!

So by the time we cleaned up the kitchen and put everything away it was time to chill with the boys and then off to bed! 

I can honestly say day 2 was a success!!!  Stay posted for the next 19 days!!!

I can't wait to see the changes in my body!  Definitely more from a health perspective than weight loss in my particular situation!!

The awesome part is that I have a great team of customers/coaches who are doing this with me!  There is definitely something to be said for having a support system in place!

If you are thinking about doing the Reset you can join my next Challenge group starting in February!  Message me for the details today!

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