Are you Struggling to Stick with Your Resolution to Lose Weight and Get Healthy?

February is here and I can't believe that it is the 10th already! So now is the moment of truth.  What were your New  Year's Resolutions?  What did you want to accomplish in 2013?  

Have you made any progress towards that goal?  
Did you have losing weight, getting healthy, learning to eat healthier on that list??  
Is it happening the way you envisioned it?  
Are you losing steam, feeling frustrated, lacking results?  

I am HERE TO TELL YOU THAT IT IS TOTALLY NORMAL!!  You are not alone!  Chances are that you have really good intentions.  You just have a few hiccups in the road and don't know how to turn yourself back around.  So that's why I am here.  Honestly it's hard to lose weight.  It's even harder to pass up on the CONSTANT temptations that are placed in front of you everyday.  You go to work, there are donuts for the staff meeting.  You go to your desk and the girl next to you has a bowl of Hershey kisses on her desk.  You go to lunch and the options are pizza, french fries, chicken fingers and Diet Coke.  Then, you come home and it's dinner time!  You are running late because the traffic was bad, the kids have evening events and you don't have time to cook.  So you pile the kids in the car, hit the drive thru and think you are making a good choice by getting a grilled chicken sandwich.  But you don't say no to the fries and the Diet Coke is diet so it's better than the regular!  You come home at night and are frustrated because you aren't losing weight even though you think you had a good day!

IS THIS YOU?!?!?!  

I know how you feel.  Life is beyond busy, our calendars are jam packed and we just don't have enough hours in the day.  But I am here to tell you that it is an excuse!  If you really truly want to make a change.  If you truly want more energy, want to lose weight and feel more alive then it's time to make a CHANGE!!!

Every change does not come without a CHALLENGE!  That is where I can help.  There is power in NUMBERS!  There is power in knowing you are not alone.  There is power in knowing that you have 5 other women that are in this with you.  The power lies in the fact that you can workout on your own, in your own home at whatever time works for you.  I can customize the workout to fit your needs and restrictions.  I can help you create a meal plan to fit your life, give you simple quick easy meals and snacks to avoid the diet pitfalls and the scary drive thru.  Plus the support that you will receive is priceless.  I will keep you accountable 7 days a week without fail.  I promise that if you commit to the next 12 weeks your life will change!!!

Starting March 25th I commit to YOU!  I commit to being your personal cheerleader.  I commit to lifting you up when times get tough and you want to give up!  I commit to finding your inner strength and growing your character.  


What's next? Go to my site and create a free account with me as your coach.  Send me an email at and tell me that you want more information on participating in my March 25th 12 week health and fitness program.  Then, together we will determine whether or not this program is right for you!  Don't delay because Summer is less than 4 months away.

   Now is your time!  Don't waste another month doing something that isn't working!

What is a challenge group?  See what some of my customers have said about my challenge groups!

Are you ready?!?!

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