Body Beast Week 1 Review

Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone had a great weekend and is gearing up for the last week of February.
I can hardly believe that March is almost here!  There are lots of exciting things happening this month including a trip to Walt Disney World with my family on a trip that I earned from Beachbody!  In 3 weeks we will be on a plane to Florida and celebrating my oldest son Landon's birthday on the beach in Tampa!  I also have my soon to be sister in laws bridal shower and then the wedding in April!  Busy couple of months so all the more reason to stay on track and be focused on my fitness routine.  This is the one thing that I finally have down pat.  It's my non negotiable.  It is the way that I keep my sanity when life gets busy!  So as long as I get my workout in then I can face the rest of the day!  LOL!!

So yesterday after getting home from a weekend in Deep Creek Maryland with my soon to be sister in law and the bridal bridesmaids I sat down to plan out my week!!  I didn't get to grocery shop but at least I had some food to get me until we can hit up the store tomorrow!

This week is officially week 2 of Body Beast for myself and my challengers.  Everyone is feeling good and is getting the hang of things.  I have to say that I struggle with the calorie intake.  Eating 2200 a day is not an easy thing to do.  So I did spend some of the week feeling a little bloated.  Since I do no want to add bulk I am going to give it an honest go around.  I am going to follow my nutrition plan and eat the right macros!!!

This week I am going to add in another cardio day.  The day that I do shoulders I am also going to throw in some Insanity or Turbofire.

Here is my meal plan for this week.

This week I was able to up the intensity and the weights!  I am looking forward to the muscle definition and I am loving the food.

I tried some new recipes this week including the Beast Meatloaf and the Coconut Quinoa breakfast.  Both recipes I would highly recommend.

I also experimented with new recipes last week!  Check out my Quinoa protein bars! They are just as good as they look!  The whole family will totally indulge in them!

The hardest leg workout ever!
My favorite workout so far is Body Beast Legs.  Why?  Because this is the one area of my body that is the twiggiest (my own made up word).  I really need to build some bulk and definition to my legs!  So I am really focusing on the intensity of my leg workouts!  I was definitely feeling the pain afterwards!  My legs were on FIRE!  But I can actually see the changes in my body already. 

Lastly, the one thing that I want to caution women that are considering doing Body Beast.  You cannot let the intake of calories get to you!  It is very easy to get discouraged when the scale goes up a pound or two.  It's ok because you are building muscle and you will need to gain a little weight.  To achieve that muscular look you can not also be a twig.  You can be a ripped tight package but you cannot let the mental and emotional part of the scale control you!   I am currently struggling with this concept.  But I like the way I look when I have muscle.  I do not like when I look sickly skinny!  So again, the scale will not define me!  The way I feel will define me!!

Until next strong my fit friends!

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