Tips to Improve Body Confidence

So body confidence is always a subject that is on every womans mind!  We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, wishing our boobs were bigger, butt was smaller and that are abs were firmer.  Why is it that we have this ability to turn any compliment that is given to us into something negative! 

We constantly set ourselves up for failure by the negative self talk that we use each and every day.

So today I want to arm you with some really great ways that you can help to get rid of that Debbie Downer mentality about your body.  It is a gift and you should celebrate it, even if you aren't quite where you want to be just yet!  It will happen and it will take time.  Keeping a positive outlook in the meantime is key to your emotional well being!

1.  Redirect talk about dieting or body bashing with your girlfriends. When body bashing comes up as a topic of conversation, you have several options. You can change the subject. You can find someone else to talk to. Or you can kindly say, “Talking about dieting makes me a little neurotic right now. Can we talk about something else?” By speaking up, you may find an ally, a source of support.

2.  Avoid looking at fashion magazines or catalogs that endorse emaciated women as the beauty ideal. If you’re an alcoholic in recovery, it makes sense to limit your exposure to alcohol. Similarly, if looking at skinny, airbrushed women makes you nuts, let them go for now. You can add these back in your life as you are feeling more confident.

3.  Weigh yourself less. When the number’s up, you feel bad. When it’s down, you feel good. Constant weighing can create obsession and breed anxiety.  Plus the scale is actually the worst measure of progress. There are so many different factors that determine your weight each day.  These factors include horomones, water weight, sodium, that time of the month and more.  The scale is actually the least accurate measure of progress.  So stop tying yourself to a number.  It does not define your worth and should not determine whether or not you have a good day!

4.   Eat until you’re satisfied. It’s hard to be your best self if you’re starving.  Dieting can lead to food obsession, depression, eating disorders, and a negative body image. Don't use the excuse, "Oh well I binged last night, so I'll skip breakfast and lunch and be back on track!"  Don't do it!  That only slows down your metabolism, makes you grouchy and can lead to further binging.  It actually does you more justice to get back on track with your 5 to 6 small meals a day and work through the slip up.  When you are not eating consistently through the day with quality food it leads to irritability, lack of attention and fogginess.  So never ever starve yourself, you only make matters worse.

5.  Buy clothing that fits. Have you, like me, bought something a size too small, because you don’t want to buy a larger size and admit you’ve gained weight? Or buy a smaller size with the intention of dieting to fit into it? If you’re wearing clothing that pinches, you’re going to feel fat. Period. Be kind to yourself, and wear flattering clothing that fits the body you have today.

6.  Ignore the latest fad diets. There’s something magnetic about the women’s magazine at the grocery store checkout line that proclaims, “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days.” Resist taking a peek. A constant drive for self-improvement is one way our egos keep us away from the present moment, separated from the love and appreciation we feel for the body we have today.

7.  Focus on your body’s abilities instead of its size. I know I feel more loving toward my body when I am enjoying its physical pleasures:  going for a run, or taking a walk with my children. View exercise as a chance to move and play, as honoring your need to move.  Think about the progress you have made.  The fact that you can walk up the steps without being out of breath or the 1 push up you can do now vs the failed attempts last week.  Celebrate your successes in other ways than the scale!

8.  Limit mirror exposure. If you are constantly checking your appearance throughout the day, you will most likely end up obsessing about your weight — or negatively comparing yourself to other women. Looking at your butt in a mirror doesn’t make it any smaller:  I know. I’ve tried.

Lastly, plug in for support!  If you or someone you know struggles with weight loss, body confidence or finding the motivation to make a lasting change then get support!  I mentor women just like you each and every day!  We work to identify the problem, set goals, and introduce exercise and clean eating into your lifestyle.  My goal is to give you a fit family to help you make it through the ups and downs of body transformation.  It's not an easy job and yes there are days when you want to quit.  But when you have someone there on the other side telling you it is going to be ok and that you can do it.  It honestly makes a huge difference!!!

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