Finding Healthy Alternatives to the Foods you Love, Shamrock Shakeology

The biggest drinking holiday in Western PA is happening in just 1 short week!  In Pittsburgh there is a huge St. Patricks Day parade followed by a mess of drunk people downtown all day long.  I can honestly say that I have never taken part in the festivities although it sounds like a GRRREEAAATTT TIME (sense my sarcasm)  Instead my St. Pattys day vice has been 2 things!  The McDonalds Shamrock Shakeology and Dudt's Shamrock sugar cookies. 
I used to suck down a large Shamrock shake so quickly that I would get an intense brain freeze but I loved it!!!

Now the Dudt's cookies came when I met my husband.  His family loves this bakery and they only make sugar cookies at certain times of the year.  I literally could down an entire dozen of them in one sitting.  I swear there is crack in them!!!  I honestly can not keep them in my house or I am drawn to them like a magnet!  I love them but I hate them all at the same time! 

So while these two things are foods that I used to associate with St Patricks Day I now have found another replacement for my cravings.  At first I thought this whole Shakeology Shamrock shake was a crock of crap!  I thought there was no way Shakeology could taste like a milkshake!  Oh but let me tell you that it can and it DID!  It totally met my expectations!!!

So now I can not only have a Shamrock Shake but I can have 70+ superfood ingredients, the equivalent to 6 salads in one meal, not feel bloated, not kill my diet and still lose weight and have energy!!!  Enjoying food is one of those things that I love to do!  I enjoy sweets and this is another way I can make it healthy!

I actually made one for my husband last night and he really enjoyed it as well.  I should also note that he is a hard sell.  So for him to be on board, you know it's good!!!

So what's the ingredients?


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