How to Get Your Transformation Back on Track

You know the drill.  You get really really excited because you just watched the P90X or Insanity infomercial and it looks awesome!  You see all these really great before and after pictures and you JUST KNOW that you are the next one to hit it big!  You purchase the program, you order your Shakeology you throw out all the junk food, study the manual and you start strong on day 1!  Day 2 you hurt like no other and in places you didn't even know you could be sore at. So you take a rest day, but you eat amazing!  Wednesday rolls around and you are still sore so you only do 1/2 the workout because it's better than nothing right!  Thursday hits and the baby won't nap, you worked overtime and nothing is ready for dinner so you go out!  It's been a long day so you have a few drinks and your ability to make good decisions goes out the window and the loaded fries hit the table and you devour the plate!  Friday hits and you feel like crap from the bad decision on Thursday and you duck out on your workout!  But you drink lots of water and eat healthy on Friday!  But wait, Friday night you go to the movies and you didn't do so bad this week so you have popcorn and a Diet Coke because after all it's Diet right!!!  Saturday  you wake up and hit the workout hard drink lots of water and vow that this won't happen again!  Sunday you step on the scale and you lost 1 lb!  Frustrated and mad you decide this week will be better!  Monday comes and you repeat it all over again, but next Monday you give up because it's just to hard and you just aren't seeing the results!  

IS THIS YOU?!?!?!?!  Does your story go something slightly similar?  Well let's start small, here are 3 ways to help you dig down and get your transformation back on track.

1.  Set Realistic Benchmarks.  When setting goals most people shoot for the stars.  This is great, and I encourage you to always dream big.  If you are inspired by someone else's successful transformation "that eye on the prize" motivation is crucial to keeping you excited through the long, repetitive work of a transformation.  However I really want to stress the importance of being realistic about what you want and what you are willing to do to achieve it.  If you have 50 pounds to lose to hit your goal weight, don't expect to drop all of it in just 3-4 months.  This doesn't mean it's not possible, it is absolutely possible but stressing over a big number is not the best way to achieve it.

It's time to break it down into more realistic chunks.  Do you think you could manage a 1 to 2 pound a week weight loss over the next few months?  I bet you could!  Once you achieve this goal a few times, you'll find a rhythm in your program and the weight will add up more quickly than you think!

Once you hit that first 10-15 lb weight loss you often slow down.  It's a natural process because once you weigh less you burn less energy!  So realistically, you should expect a slower rate of loss closer to your goal.  A pound per week is a realistic goal around here and anything more than that is just icing on the cake!!!

But most of us have the "I want it now" mentality!  Understand that this is a long term health and well being transformation.  It will be well worth the health benefits plus the energy and increased mobility!  If by some trick or self denial and pharmaceutical tinkering you are able to wake up magically skinny one day, you are far more likely to wake up fat soon after!!  You don't want that so prepare yourself for the journey!

2.  Forget about rigid meal planning.  Look at the transformations you see out there.  Diet is consistently the hardest thing to change.  It's not because they don't know what to eat, it's because it took them a long time to learn how to bend a diet without breaking it!

Focus on establishing good habits you can maintain for the rest of your life!  No one ever got fat by enjoying 2 meals a week that were outside of their healthy meal plan; they fell out of shape when those 2-3 bad meals per week turned into 2-3 meals per day!  Contain the explosion!!!

As long as you stay active and are aware of your daily food choices either through keeping a journal or using an online app such as myfitnesspal then you are in the mindset of reaching that end goal.  Simply being aware of your food choices is the first step.  Don't mistake feeling guilty all the time for awareness. Given how long it takes to transform a body I guarantee that unexpected circumstances will throw a wrench in your dietary program here and there!

It will happen in the form of family functions, work events, and birthday parties!  The key is to reframe the issue! Realize that the act of enjoying food in good company is good for you psychologically.  It's nourishment for the spirit and your spirit is the motor that will get you the transformation.  If you are going to a birthday party do your best to follow your plan leading to that day.  Then enjoy some goodies in moderation!  That's right....I WANT YOU TO ENJOY THEM!  NO GUILT ALLOWED!!!  It's just one meal, one day and tomorrow is a new day with new choices!!!

3. Learn how to press reset!! If you are anything like me working out and eating healthy are very important to me.  I plan a lot of my day around my food and my workouts.  However that doesn't mean my plans don't land in the gutter every once in awhile.  There are times when you get sick, injured, kids are not cooperating or work requires more of your time.  There will be weeks when you travel so much that you can barely watch your diet and can't exercise like you want to.  That's ok!  We just learn to RESET and GO!

So this means that you get yourself out of bed, you realize that overcoming these challenges enhance the secret skill that define the super fit!  It's simple YOU KEEP MOVING FORWARD!  If your shoulder is hurt, you work your legs.  If you are sore from legs you work your arms. If you can't jump you go for a swim if all else fails you take a few day off from working out and you focus on the quality of your food!  80% of your results come from what you put in your mouth!  So yes by following a well rounded meal plan you can achieve results as well.  Don't beat yourself down, life is uncertain and it will never be the perfect conditions.  It's the choices you make in those moments of chaos that determine your strength and ability to transform you life!  Take it from a momma with that experience!  It can be done!

So if you enjoyed this article and want more individualized health and fitness support I invite you to join my 12 week health and fitness program!  I will provide you with support, motivation, accountability, meal planning, recipes and tips to help you make the change once and for all!  No more yo-you dieting or falling off the wagon.  You have me to keep you accountable to plus a closed online community of support to lift you up when life throws a curve ball at you!!!

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