March Into Spring Madness Event!!!

Well we are officially ending February and beginning the March Madness!  You have exactly 3 months until you will be bearing your legs, arms and possibly breaking out the swimsuit. When you are out shopping the stores are packed with shorts, capris and tanks as a pleasant reminder that maybe you haven't been  as dedicated to your health and fitness over the winter!  The first time you try on a pair of shorts it's blinding, RIGHT!!  This just happened to me!  The good thing is that those white pasty legs can be fixed with a quick trip to the spa for a spray tan!

But that spare tire or muffin top is not going to banish with the tint of the spray tan!  Instead it's the mad dash to find something to make a change right now!  How many times have you said to yourself, "Oh I will just not eat for a few days and then I will be back on track!"  Then 3 days later you are binging because you have barely eaten.  Or you sign up for a gym membership with great intentions and 2 weeks later you haven't lost a pound and you are frustrated!!!

I am totally talking from experience.  Let me tell you that you do not have time to mess around!  12 weeks is not a long time when talking about a transformation.  It takes 4 weeks to get in a routine, 6 weeks for you to truly notice a change and then 12 weeks for others to notice the change.  So don't dilly dally around wondering how and when you are going to make the change!  Start now! 

Let me tell you from experience.  Today is ThrowBack Thursday!!  I decided to dig out my before picture from the day that I started Insanity and compare it to my current picture.  I was completely blown away at the change in my body in just a short period of time.  19 months and I am down 30 lbs plus a bazillion inches.  The best part was that it was a totally natural process.  I made mistakes.  The first 30 days of Insanity I didn't know how to eat.  I didn't lose any weight and I was frustrated.  Then, I found clean eating which is my savior!  It changed my life and then 10 lbs gone!  Then, I added in Shakeology and P90X and 12 weeks later 30 lbs gone!  But it was a process and it took time and effort.  So because I have been through this process I want to significantly cut your learning curve.

In my 12 week health and fitness program I will help you choose the Beachbody fitness program that will meet your personalized goals.  Then, you will replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the 12 weeks.  Honestly, YES shakeology does make a difference.  It gave me energy when I wanted to take that afternoon nap, it was a quick easy grab and go meal, it was CHOCOLATE to curb my craving and it was filling!  You commit to the workout and the nutrition and I will commit to helping you create a meal plan, give you recipes, motivate, support and guide you each and every day in a closed online support group!  I will not let you FAIL!  We will work together to get you to the place where you feel confident and ready to bare those legs this summer!

I know this because I did it!  Trust me, it is the truth!  Here are a few challengers of mine and their testimonial of the changes they are seeing in their bodies so far!!

Yes you to can be that same success story!  I want to see your before and after pictures right here! I want you to own that transformation with pride!!  I believe in your ability to make a change!

So what are your options?
Why am I calling this March Madness?!  Because you have OPTIONS!!!

1.  12 Week Battle of the Bulge Group will begin on March 11th!!!  Reserve your spot now, limited availability.  This group is a 12 week program where I help you pick the perfect fitness program to meet your needs in addition to providing you with meal plans, nutrition tips, recipes, motivation, accountability and more!!!  After discussing your health and fitness needs I will recommend the program that will best suit your needs.  Join the Facebook group here!

2.  April 1st Summer Slim Down Challenge kicks off in full force.  Registration is open now.

3.  30 Day Clean Eating and Shakeology Shake Off Starts March 25th.  This is your fast track to learning the basics of clean eating and the benefit to Shakeology without committing to the fitness program as well.  The only requirements are 30 days of Shakeology, clean eating and participation in a closed online support group.

4.  Be a COACH!  Join my personal 1:1 mentoring program starting March 4th.  There is no better time than now to take that plunge.  Do you love health and fitness.  Are you currently trying to achieve your own health and fitness goals?  Do you want to receive a 25% discount on everything you purchase?  Do you want to help other people reach their own health and fitness goals?  No matter what your reason for coaching I will help you to reach your goal!  Even if you are not sure that being a coach is really truly what you want to do.  Join my challenge, try it out risk free for 30 days!  Click her to join the group!

What is Coaching All About on the DREAM TEAM?!?!  Listen to this webinar that I provided for my team and all interested coaches!  Then we can set up a time to chat about it more!  Listen to the Coach RECORDING HERE!

 So this post is not just for people wanting to get in shape but it is also for my CUSTOMERS who have already been through my program or are seeing success with their own weight loss!  I challenge YOU to refer a friend!  I challenge you to tell those that you care about and love to take control of their own health and fitness!  In return, for every person you refer who purchases a Beachbody Challenge pack you will receive 1 entry into my drawing to win the complete Ultimate Warrior Body Combat Fitness Program including the killer combat gloves!!!  ($120.00 value for FREE)

Body Combat Complete System

Here is the KICKER!! The more friends you refer the more chances to win the prize!  That means that if you refer 5 friends you will get 5 chances to win!  The winner will be chosen on March 31st and announced right here on my blog and on my facebook page.

If you are joining my challenge for the first time and have chosen to take your life back and make a true lifestyle change and not just another fad diet then you too will also be entered to win the drawing also!  Every friend you bring on board you also get an extra entry as well!!!

So let the GAMES begin!!!  Just imagine you could be set for the next 6 months with a full library of workouts to choose from!

Don't delay spots will fill up fast for my challenge group starting March 11th!  Ask now and commit today!!!

Also, just released March 1st is for the month of MARCH only you can can save $80 on P90X and P90X2 challenge pack!  Awesome deal if you have been wanting to try something new!!

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