Mitro Family Vacation

For those of you that follow me pretty closely you are probably wondering where the heck I am at!
I am just assuring you that I didn't abandon you but instead I am on vacation!  Something that my family really hasn't done in about 4 years.  The last vacation we took was to Hilton Head when my son was first born and he just turned 4 on Saturday!  This is not just any ordinary family vacation though.  This vacation was earned because of my job as a Beachbody Coach.  I work as an Independent Beachbody Coach where I help other people reach their health and fitness goals as well as their financial goals as well.  Due to the number of lives that I have touched in my last 19 months I earned a paid vacation to Disney World for myself and my family.  I also earned an extra dollar amount in spending money for achieving the highest qualifications set by the company.  EXCITING STUFF!!!
Landon at London's Party riding the pony

So we left for Florida on Friday and spent the weekend in Tampa with some amazing friends and fellow coaches that we met last year in Las Vegas.  We had a great weekend just relaxing, letting the kids play and taking time away from our daily tasks to just enjoy life.  It was much needed for sure! 

Sunday we drove into Orlando and picked up some groceries and settled in at a family friends condo.  The Beachbody vacation doesn't start until Tuesday but we wanted to do Sea World also.  So we are spending a few days on our own.  Yesterday was amazing!  The kids absolutely loved Sea World.  We saw 3 different shows, touched the sting rays, walked through the Antarctic, took a ride on a fish, whipped around the Shamu roller coaster and danced in the splash pad!  The kids were beaming with excitement and we were happy parents.  There is no greater joy in life than seeing your kids happy!  Yesterday totally fulfilled my dreams and I know that the best part is yet to come!
Celebrating Landon's official 4th Birthday in Florida!
St Patricks Day Brunch with the Stanford's

Monday at Sea World

Today we are off to Disney!  We are checking in at the Yacht Club Resort and then going to an Elite Adventure this evening in Hollywood Studios. The rest of the week is going to be pretty much magical and I can hardly wait!!

So I am only MIA because I am taking some much needed family time!  Don't worry I will be back on Sunday and I'll be back in action providing you with more healthy tips to change your life!  While I'm on vacation I've still managed to keep it pretty much clean and still get in my workouts!  Neil even took me to their gym to do a Body Beast Workout! 

Enjoy your week, keep it clean and I'll give you the scoop when I get back!

You can follow my vacation on  Instagram if you would like to see all the awesome things we are doing!!

Want to be a Beachbody Coach and earn a Cruise next year?!  Ask me how!

Mommy & the Birthday Boy!

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