Women's Weight Loss Transformation Story

Transformation Tuesday is in full swing.  Today I want to feature my dear friend Sara Stakeley.  Sara was my very first challenge group participant.  She started her journey in the fall of 2011 with P90X and Clean Eating.  Sara and I knew each other from the Pine Tree Wellness Center and Spa where I go to get my nails done.  It was right after I had my son Bryce and when I walked in she had noticed how much weight I lost.  We started talking about Insanity and P90X and what I was doing.  She told me that she had P90X sitting on her shelf.  She bought it to get in shape for her wedding but never did it.  I told her she should do it with me and that I would help her.  We left it at that.

A few weeks later I emailed her about P90X and to see if she had started.  Unfortunately she hadn't but I invited her to do a challenge group with me.  She accepted!  Together she worked at P90X day in and day out. I got up early with her so that we could be workout buddies.  We got together to talk about meal planning, to go over ideas and tips and slowly but surely she started changing!!!  She finished P90X, was drinking Shakeology and eating clean. 
Sara became a Beachbody coach because not only was she doing the workouts but she was telling everyone about them.  She kept sending them all to me!  Finally I just laid it all out there!  I told her that she could be making the commission from these friends that were inspired by her.  I told her that she was basically already doing what I do.  I workout, eat clean, drink Shakeology and help other people.  So she took that leap of faith.  Not only did her weight loss continue but she is achieving amazing milestones in her business.  A Diamond Coach, a growing team and now she is up to 75 lbs lost so far!  Last night she posted this picture of herself.  The one on the left is on her wedding day and the pic on her right is now!  Talk about amazing and inspiring transformation!  Sara is currently doing Les Mills Pump and is killing it!  Stay tuned for more transformation updates from Sara!
This is her transformation to date!

Here is the picture of her in her wedding dress!

I am beyond proud of her and her accomplishments.  I know that Sara inspires so many people on a daily basis with her transformation, her fun loving personality and her go getter attitude! I'm so blessed to have her as a part of my life.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't lose weight, that you will always be overweight or that a medical condition is going to determine your fate!  Sara beat it all, and you can too!

What's next?
If you can identify with this post.  If you want to change your life, if you want to make a change and you want to do it right now then start today!!!!

Join my next Challenge group. My next Clean Eating and Shakeology Group is starting on March 25th or you can do the full 12 week health and fitness program starting on April 1st.  It is your choice.  You choose your destiny.  If you want to make a change then you just DO IT!  No looking back, no regrets, just you and me as your coach!!!  

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