Beachbody Coach Success Story and Proud new Spa Owner

It's time to shout out an awesome success story about Beachbody Coaching!  So let me introduce you to my BGC, BFF and side kick Sara Stakeley!  I have known Sara for at least 9 years.  We met when I was dating my husband.  She was the lady that did my mother in laws nails.  We became pretty close through our weekly interactions at the spa.  Then, after  I had Bryce I had come into the spa and had lost about 30 lbs.  Sara was asking me how I did it and said she owned P90X.  I had invited her to be a part of my challenge group.  She said, "well I have P90X and I got it for my wedding but never did it."

A few weeks later Sara committed to my Challenge group and to P90X and from that point on she hasn't looked back.  Sara has lost 75 lbs with Beachbody, Shakeology, and Clean Eating.  She became a Diamond coach in record time!  

Sara has had a lot of adversity in her life to overcome.  Her doctors told her that she would never be able to lose weight, that she would always be obese.  Sara was so angered by that and she refused to let that be the answer.  When she started P90X her entire focus was on proving them wrong.  Yeah P90X was hard, yes there were days when she laid of the floor and didn't want to get up but you know what??  Nothing worth fighting for comes without some struggle! So she got back up, she texted or called me and we made it happen!  We talked each other through it and because of her strength she was successful!  

Sara leaned that her mind was stronger than her body and that if visually imagine yourself as the successful person that you want to be then it will happen.  

One thing that Sara does is act like she is already the 15 Star Diamond Coach that she wants to be.  She exudes confidence, she shares her story and she works on herself.  I truly believe that you have to overcome your own obstacles in life before you can step out and help others.  She is amazing at finding strength in struggle.  Right in the middle of Sara's transformation journey she hit her head and ended up with post concussive disorder. This lead to a whole slew of things she was not expecting to happen.  Through this incident she has learned to appreciate the quietness, the God given abilities, and her talents to help other people.  

So now today is the big announcement!  Sara has not only become an official 1 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach but she is also now the proud co owner of her very own Spa, Halo.  

A 1 Star Diamond Coach means that she is not only helping other people get healthy and fit but she is helping other people reach financial freedom in their own businesses.  She is a leader, not a follower, she a vehicle for change, innovation and excitement.  She gets what it means to lead with your heart and she truly has the best interest of others at heart.

Sara's not just a Beachbody coach but she is also a wife, a cat momma, a best friend, sister and daughter!  She is also the most amazing aesthetician.  She is amazing at facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and a slew of other things!  She can create the most relaxing environment in the middle of any storm!  Her brand new location will be opening up May 1st right here in Wexford PA. You have to book an appointment with her!  You not only get a great relaxing spa treatment but her personality is contagious!  
Check out her website for openings!!!  

Sara did not just fall into luck or be at the right place at the right time.  Sara has worked for this success.  She has truly busted her butt to create financial freedom that she has always dreamed of!  It's no more why me!!!  It's WHY NOT ME!!  Because of that shift in thinking she is now the happiest girl in the world today!!  Today is the last day at her old job and the start of the rest of her life!!

It's amazing to see how one common thread like weight loss has brought the two of us together! If it wasn't for that day at the spa, P90X, Shakeology, Clean Eating and friendship we would not be where we are today!  What if I wouldn't have made the decision to be a coach or invite Sara to be a coach with me.  You know she turned me down multiple times before she signed as a coach.  She sent me numerous customers and gave up money before she signed as a coach.  What if I would not of kept putting that bug in her ear.  How would HER life be different today?  If you truly believe in what you are doing, don't let someone else dull your sparkle.  Don't not ask someone to be a coach because you are afraid they will say no!  Most likely they will say no, but that doesn't mean no not ever, it just means no not right now!

So follow your dreams, believe in your ability to make a difference and never give up no matter how tough the road ahead is for you!  You are meant for greatness!!!

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