Body Beast Week 7 update

Happy Monday!!!  It's time for my weekly BEAST UPDATE!  I officially have finished 7 weeks of the BEAST.  I start week 8 this morning with some LEGS.  I switched it around due to the fact that I just wanted to work on my legs today.

It was quite a busy week last week.  I had a lot of stress in my life but I am determined not to let that get the best of me.  Instead I decided to channel all of my frustration and craziness into my workouts.  I must say that the 45 minutes that I devoted to myself each day set me in the right frame of mind so that I could handle all of the other stresses of the day.  I blasted the music and lifted heavy weights and just focused on my own mental strength.  It worked and I was a much better mom, daughter, wife and friend because of it.  Something that I feel like I've been saying a lot this week is this.

The conditions are never going to be right to workout or eat healthy.  There will always be something or someone that is trying to derail your efforts.  It could be added stress at work, a new job, an illness, an injury, the baby keeping you up at night or marriage troubles.  But whatever the reason you give remember this.... IT'S JUST AN EXCUSE.

I must say that I have been surrounding myself with positive vibes all week long.  Even though it hasn't been easy and I can truly say that my workouts have suffered a little bit because of the added stress but I'm still here!

I didn't have time to create a meal plan so I just winged it.  I ate rice and pinto or black beans pretty much every day for lunch.  I took apples and almonds with me and Shakeology was my lunch or dinner most days.

I was able to stay on track and stick with my water intake.  The only thing that was rough this week was the lack of sleep!

Looking forward to the next week being better.  I'm not giving up or giving in, we are stronger than that!  RIGHT!!!

Here is my Monday accountability pic- Rough morning for sure!  But I'm ready to bring it with Beast Bulk Chest.  It's on!!!

Leftover dinner with rice.  So yummy
 Tuesday  Bulk Legs- my favorite workout!  I am sore each and every week from this workout.

Wednesday Bulk Arms
Thursday Cardio day in which I substituted Turbofire 45
Friday- Body Beast Back Workout

Bulk Back followed by some Post Workout Nutrition-Shakeology

Favorite lunch- rice and beans

Saturday:  Bulk Shoulders!  5 am workout before my brothers wedding to start the day off right!

Sunday is my day of rest!!!
Much needed rest after a busy week!!!

Ready to start week 8 with a fire in my belly!!!!  Stay tuned for more progress.....

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