Week 4 Body Beast Review for Women

Week 4 of Body Beast is officially complete.  I am one week behind my original start date due to vacation.  I ended up re doing week 4 because I missed quite a few workouts while away.  I did still maintain my workout schedule it was just not Body Beast Workouts.
home gym, nothing fancy, but functional

My job is to give you the play by play moves of my  journey thru Body Beast.  Week 4 starts phase 2 which is called a Block.  Block 2 is called Bulk and is 5 weeks long with 6 days on and 1 day off. 

Day 1:  Bulk:  Chest
Day 2:  Bulk: Legs
Day 3:  Bulk arms
Day 4:  Beast Cardio and Abs
Day 5:  Bulk Back
Day 6:  Bulk Shoulders
Day 7:  Rest
Always track your progress- so you can keep pushing the limits

I have noticed that I need a little more cardio than the Beast plan provides.  I am not looking to get huge per se, but instead build muscle definition that is feminine and sleek.  So I have made a few adjustments.  I follow the schedule except on the Cardio day instead of Beast Cardio I substituted in Turbofire 45 class.  On Saturday for Bulk Shoulders I also added in a 30 minute Turbofire high intensity cardio interval workout and instead of a rest day on Sunday I did a long 45 minute cardio Turbofire workout.  It feels good to get a good cardio sweat and making these small changes makes me feel good.

My daily calorie intake floats around 2500 calories.  I tend to eat back anything that puts me below 2500 calories.  This is the calorie intake that keeps my energy level up, plus gives me the non bloated carb belly feeling.  I am also keeping my starchy carbs in check.  My goal is to have my oatmeal for breakfast and then a starchy carb at dinner such as a sweet potato, brown rice, or quinoa and then fruits and veggies and protein at all other meals.  This has been going great!!  I also have been drinking two Shakeology's a day.  One usually is my afternoon snack and then the second is typically my evening snack.  This keeps my cravings for sweets at bay but gives me really good nutrition to enhance my results.  This is a great way to get nutrient density in your day without having to be eating non stop!  Plus at this time of the year everyone and their mother is getting sick!  I swear that all the vitamins and nutrients in Shakeology is keeping me healthy.

Below is my meal plan for the week.   You can use this as a guide of the types of food that I eat at each meal.  The key is to follow your correct portion sizes.  I use the palm of my hand as a serving of protein.  1 cupped handful is my serving of starchy carbs, 2 cupped handfuls is a complex carbohydrate from a fruit or veggie, a tbsp is a serving of good fats and 14 raw unsalted almonds is a serving of good fats.
I limit my servings of dairy to 1-2 per day including almond milk and greek yogurt.  I do not eat any cheese.  I also limit my consumption of high natural sugar fruits such as bananas and mangos.  I also do not consider dried fruit a serving of fruit.  It is high in sugar, PERIOD!  It is only in an emergency that I eat dried fruit.

This is by far my favorite breakfast food.  Oatmeal has the amazing benefits of lowering Cholesterol, giving you the fiber rich foods that keep you full plus the protein powder that burns slow, rebuilds your muscles and helps to keep you full longer.  I add in the almond milk and blueberries which sweeten it without added sugar!
Watch my video for how I make my oatmeal.

I love that I have options when it comes to my cardio.  There are just some times you need something high energy or even just different to spice things up.  Turbofire has always done that for me.  I truly love kicking some serious butt and having fun doing it!  I wear my Polar T4 heart rate monitor and have a competition with myself to keep in that high fat burning range.  Can you burn more calories than you did yesterday?  That's always my game!!

My favorite Body Beast workout is Legs for sure!  I really truly enjoy squats, lunges and building a lower half. Since that's my weakness I work to make it my strength.

This week it's on to week 5 of Body Beast!  Today also marks day 1 of my brand new challenge group.  The Spring Slim Down Challenge group is getting under way.  They are setting their goals, their why and we are getting their meal plans ready to roll!  I am also going to be announcing my April promotions, Challenge groups and accountability tomorrow!  So please contact me if you would like to save a spot or learn more information how I can coach you to reach your own health and fitness goals!

Remember you don't have to be Great to START you just have to START!!  I didn't start with Body Beast or P90X!  I was a beginner when I started who didn't know a thing about Clean Eating.  I hadn't even heard of it!  But I started and I committed to taking it one day at a time and trusting in the results.  I knew that if I followed my coach and the program I would get the results.  Yes there were days that it was hard, there were days my kids wouldn't nap and they sad and played while I did burpees. But guess what I didn't let that stop me!  Don't let it be your excuse!

You want to change, then let me help you!  Remember I am a real person, a mom, a working mom, a person who has made mistakes, who over indulged a few to many times, who likes to have a glass of wine every once in a while, a person who gets up and keeps trying no matter what!  I want to support you and help you succeed! This is what brings me the greatest joy in life.  So don't let this opportunity pass you by!  Start now!

Ask me how!

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