You don't think it could happen to you

So for those of you that follow me I am about to share with you my very personal situation in my life right now.

You know me as a mom, a workoutaholic, a clean eater, a Beachbody Coach and a motivator.  What you don't know is that I am a daughter, I am a sister and I have the best dad in the world!  Friday night my mom and dad came to my house to see our 2 little boys and to bring the swing set they bought them for our new house.  My dad arrived and I quickly gave him a kiss and hopped in the car to go to my Beachbody Super Friday Event.  I didn't really get to chat because I was in a hurry but Landon was so excited that "Pappy" was there to play.  He had been patiently waiting by the back door with his little chair all afternoon.  

That night when I got home he was already gone.  He was headed about 2 hours away for a fishing trip with my father in law.  So I didn't get to see him before he left.  Saturday my mom, husband, my two boys and I were out shopping for an outfit to wear to my brothers rehearsal dinner next Friday.  We were sitting at lunch when we got the call that my dad was being taken by ambulance to Altoona hospital.  He had a horrible headache, vomitting and the inability to speak.  He was life flighted to UPMC Presby yesterday afternoon where he was diagnosed with a vascular bleed on his brain.  The Doctor placed a shunt in his brain to relieve the fluid and blood and he was unconscious and on a ventilator.  Those moments when you are sitting in the waiting room, total silence and waiting for the Doctors to you give you an update are the WORST moments of your life.  I would never ever wish those moments on a single person.  I felt like my world was crashing around me.  

The shunt was placed and the procedure went well.  He was unconscious and we were told he would be asleep for at least 2 days.  We got the news that he was going to have an angiogram in the am to determine the origination of the bleed and any other issues.  We were told that the next 24 hours were the most critical and that we had a long road ahead of us.  We left the hospital at 3 am not knowing where we were going from here.  You know these things don't happen to me, they happen to other people not me!  Why?  Why one week from my brothers wedding? Why, when he is so active healthy and faithful? But then again instead of being mad and blaming someone I am thankful for a few things:

#1.  I am thankful that he was with my father in law.  If it wasn't for him I am pretty sure the outcome would not be the same.  I know that his quick thinking and his attention to the matter is what saved my fathers life.  We come from a family that would say, "oh you are fine.  Take some tylenol and rest it will get better."  Time was of the essence and his cautious demeanor is a true blessing.

#2.  I am thankful for living in the Pittsburgh Area.  Not only do we have the best team of Doctors but I truly believe he is receiving the best care possible.  

#3.  I am thankful for my amazing husband and his strength and ability to be the rock in my life.  To be the protector of my mother and to be the one to comfort our fears and speak truth into my life.  If it wasn't for him I would be a pile of putty on the floor.

#4.  I am thankful for my brother and mom.  I am thankful that my parents raised us to stick together. I am so blessed that we can come together and be a family that supports each other and that truly loves each other.  Family is so important and you should never ever take that for granted.

#5.  I am thankful for the amazing out pouring of support from my Beachbody family, my close friends and those that I am not that close with.  Your prayers, your messages, your concern has been a blessing. I know that the power of prayer is what is getting him through.  I know that God has a plan for him and I am putting my trust in the Lord.  

Lastly, I truly believe we do not live our lives the way we should.  We take things for granted, we think it won't happen to us and we don't stop to smell the roses.  What are your priorities in life?  What do you want to be remembered by?  When God calls your name how do you want to go out?  Don't say you will think about it tomorrow because you don't know if you will have tomorrow.  You only have the minutes right now and the memories you create.  What type of memories do you want to create for the ones you care about?

I know this isn't my typical post and has nothing to do with health and fitness but I feel really strongly that we need to be thankful for what we have.  

Tonight, hug your kids tight, tell your parents you love them and snuggle up with your husband.  It's worth every memory and know that God has a plan!

This morning my father woke up.  They told us he wouldn't wake up for a few days but he woke up and is talking with us and making sense.  He is in a tremendous amount of pain until the swelling in his brain goes down.  But the good news is that he is alive, he is talking and he is moving!  The next 10 days are critical and he will be here until further notice.  For now, we are praying, trusting, and comforting each other.  We will get through this, we are a family and we are strong!  He is a fighter and he has a lot of living left to do.  So keep our family in your prayers because we need all we can get.


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