Raising a Mommy Network

Join me tomorrow, Memorial Day and here how I started my own Beachbody Business as a stay at home mom to now a 5 Star Diamond Elite Beachbody Coach and currently 10 Star Qualifying Coach.  Here my tips for growing my network of customers, challengers and coaches!

This has been a goal of mine that I placed on my Dream Board last year.  It has always been something that Katy my Diamond coach teases me about.  She always says she is going to TWEET Carl Daikeler and tell him I need to be on the call!  Well that day finally came when I got the call from corporate!  I was sitting at a table in our master bedroom because I had just had minor surgery and couldn't walk downstairs, on top of that I had the stomach flu and my father was still in the hospital from the brain aneurism. Whatever could go wrong in April did. So after I hung up the phone I sad there and cried, not sad tears but tears of joy!  I just feel so blessed to have found something that I truly love doing and now I get to share it with the world!!!  I can say that through it all I stayed consistent even when the road got tough!  So now, you can hear my story of how I grew a business from my kitchen table, when my kids took a nap or when I got up before they did!  The small sacrifices make the BIG ending worth it!  I'm not even near the end, I am just getting WARMED UP!!

Have you been following my blog and are interested in learning more about what I do but have been hesitant to make the commitment?  This is a great time to listen in to truly hear how I have grown my business.  I invite you to join the Dream Team if this is something you would like to pursue.

You can apply to be on my team by completing the application below.  

Join the call by dialing (832) 225-5055 and the passcode is 90405#.  
The call begins at 11:00 am EST and if you miss the call you can catch the playback later in the week!  

Join the Dream TEAM!!!  Accepting applications for my next coach apprenticeship program!

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