Dream Team Challenge Group Success Stories

It's Thursday and in Beachbody land it's our day to recognize success and to shout out the amazing things that our coaches and challengers are accomplishing!  Today I am going to share with you some amazing stories of success on our team!!!  If you follow me on a regular basis you know that I run challenge groups, am a Beachbody Coach and absolutely am passionate about clean eating and working out!  2 years ago my life changed when my coach introduced me to Insanity, Challenge Groups and Clean Eating.  I made it my personal goal that I was going to help as many people as I could achieve their own health and fitness goals!  Much to my surprise I was able to accomplish so much more than that!
Weight Loss Success

Today let me shout out my amazing challengers Joseph and Candice Lee!  They are an amazing couple who committed to starting Insanity, Shakeology and Clean Eating in my Summer Smash challenge group 30 days ago!  Their 30 day check in was this week and together they have lost 38.6 pounds in the first month.  They are both active members of the challenge group, asking lots of questions and checking in daily for feedback and motivation.  They have traveled numerous times and have stayed on track and they are helping to change their beautiful daughters eating habits as well.  I couldn't be more proud of the two of them!  I can only imagine what the next 30 days of Insanity will look like for them! It's important to know that at the end of the 60 days they just dont graduate from the challenge group and go out on their own.  This is a lifestyle that they can implement for the rest of their lives!  I do my best to teach you daily strategies that can be easy to continue forever!
Next we have Deirdre who is also in the summer smash challenge! She has lost 12 lbs and 10 inches in 30 days!!!!!  She is doing Chalean Extreme and is an amazing lady!

Rachel F. has also lost 8 inches and 10 lbs in 30 days with Chalean Extreme and is feeling amazing.

Lee is a brand new mommy who just went back to work after her maternity leave this week.  She has lost 4 lbs in 30 days with Turbofire.

Next check out a challenger that is getting ready to finish her 90 days of P90X.  She has had a few hiccups along the way.  She was sick, had an injury and was unable to workout for an entire week.  She has managed to go from a size 10 to a size 4 in just 12 weeks!!  She said her size 4's were even still to big!  This is awesome, what an amazing accomplishment!  
P90X Women's Transformation

Next check out Ashley K who has lost 43 pounds in 83 days with Insanity and now Brazil Butt Lift, Clean Eating and Shakeology.  She is on her last few days of the Battle of the Bulge Challenge!!!
Insanity Women's Transformation
This is just the beginning of the amazing results that my challengers are getting from the challenge groups! This is what makes me want to wake up every day and continue doing what I do!  It's never about money but it's all about the lives that are changed!  If you have been contemplating a challenge group then what is holding you back?  You know that you are going to get the results that you want by doing X,Y and Z!  I literally spell it out for you every step of the way.  If you are afraid of failure, afraid it's not going to work for you or that you don't have the time then let me assure you that the conditions will never be perfect!  We work together to overcome obstacles, support each other and break down barriers to your success!  This is unlike any other weight loss program out there.  It has the support, the accountability, the amazing workouts and the meal planning all in one!  As a stay at home mom with limited funds this worked for me!  I could workout at home and not have to drag my kids to the gym.  I could have contact with other people on a daily basis just like me and I could see results because I was following a schedule that the trainers laid out for me!!

Now is your time to shine!  June 24th starts my next challenge group!  You can get 60 days worth of support, motivation and accountability just like these ladies have received!!  

Right now there is a really great promotion that Beachbody is doing!  When you join a challenge group you get a challenge pack which has your fitness program, shakeology, the program guide, nutrition guide and free shipping with a discounted price and access to my coaching in the private group!  The Les Mills Combat challenge pack is on sale right now, it is a $70 savings!!  It costs $10 more for this package than if you were to just purchase a month supply of Shakeology!  So why wouldn't you pay the extra $10 and get an entire fitness program and be in the challenge group!  It's affordable and fun!  Love this workout and the whole idea of mixed martial arts.
If you are interested in joining a challenge group reserve your spot now! This offer is only good until June 30th and the last day to register for the challenge group is June 20th!

Join my challenge group now by sending me a message with your weight loss goals and your interest in the group!!!

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