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Happy Sunday!!!

‚ȆBrazil Butt Lift Results
I love Sunday's because they are my day of rest!  Well who are we kidding I never rest!  I wish I did, LOL.  When you have a 2 and 4 year old there is just no time for rest!  I also have a lot of great things going on this week.

I am finally able to start working out again!  After being down for the count for 6 weeks from minor surgery I can finally resume my workouts.  I can say that because of Clean Eating and Shakeology I have not gained a single pound and have actually lost 5 pounds.  I'm not so sure I wanted to lose weight because I'm sure it was muscle that I lost but never the less I am back in action and I feel great!  Tomorrow I'm starting off with a Brazil Butt Lift workout and then Tuesday it's back to Body Beast and hopefully Turbofire workout this week!  I am completely starting over at week 1 with Body Beast, retaking my day 1 pictures and measurements and going for the gold!!!  It's summer time and lots of tanks and shorts and I want to look my best!
Scary post workout Brazil Butt Lift Pic, day 1!

I plan to post my weekly progress updates along with my meal plans and recipes!

This week I am also kicking off my BRAND NEW COACH APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM and I have a fantastic group of new leaders and coaches joining my team. This gets me excited about getting up each day!  I am also planning to do a live webinar on clean eating for those that are joining my June Challenge Groups.  I want you to get the best start possible and for that to happen I want to start with the basics!  I will post the date and time later this week, but if you have been considering doing a challenge group now is the time! With this extra support to help you get started it's much easier to succeed!

This week my meal plan is basic and I'm taking into account all of the things I need to do this week.
I know that I work on Monday's and Wednesday's so it's either crock pot or quick simple grill recipes.  I'm going to try the new Paleolasagna that a friend of mine shared with me as well.  I'll keep you posted on the turnout!  If you have a gluten allergy this is a great recipe to try!!

I am headed to do some shopping on Wednesday so it's quick and easy snacks to pack for the road as well.  Then this upcoming weekend we are headed to Deep Creek, MD for a weekend away with my family.  Everyone is taking a meal and prepping food!  I have a game plan in place and for the majority of meals I can make it work.  My mom is making a taco bar so that will be easy to stay on track!  Saturday night is a Lasagna dinner, I think that will be my cheat meal!!!  
For breakfast I am in charge of the breakfast on Saturday so I will be making my oatmeal bake and eggs, turkey bacon, fruit salad and egg white omelets for those that want them!!!  Then I will save myself some oatmeal for Sunday morning and I'm good to go!

Clean Eating Oatmeal Recipe

For snacks and lunches I am packing my apples, almonds, Shakeology, shaker cups, cut up veggies and hummus cups.  This should be easy to stay on track.  The only thing I worry about is the smores and the cookies that I know people will make.  I plan on telling my husband to keep me accountable and he really will too!

The true test that you and I both know is that once we set this amazing plan in place it comes down to execution.  Can you actually stick it when the time comes??

I will let you be the ones to hold me to it!

So here is my meal plan for the week (2 Weeks until Vacation in Vegas):

Clean Eating Weekly Meal Plan
Hope you have a fantastic week!!!  What workout are you doing today?!?!  What does your meal plan look like?

I am looking for some great new recipes that travel really well!  I'd love to hear some of your favorite clean eating snacks and meals that you take on road trips with you!!!!

Post below in the comments section PLEASE!!!

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