Week 1 Body Beast/T25 Hybrid and Meal Plan

Can you believe that it is the end of June already?  I am really surprised that we are almost thru an entire month of the summer!  Last month I was really focusing on stripping down my diet and I was doing the Eat Clean Stripped Plan.  For 4 weeks I really cut back on the dairy, starchy carbs and increased my servings of daily protein, veggies and drank a ton of water!  I achieved great results in the sense that I felt lean, less bloated and my clothes felt amazing!  I wasn't self conscious in my dresses while in Vegas and at the pool I wasn't covering up like I have in the past.  It definitely does the trick for those last 10 pounds.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their last few pounds. It is restrictive but in a good way, it's something that you can do for a short period of time, say 28 days!

Now that it's over I am going back to the maintenance phase of the Clean Eating Diet.  
Cooler Plan 2 Checklist

Body Beast T25 Hybrid

I also am starting a BodyBeast and T25 hybrid schedule.  I really want to try T25 but I really am the type of person who needs to lift weights to keep my muscle tone.  So the game plan is to keep my diet in check and really bring it to the max with my workouts.

Here is my workout schedule for the week:

Week 1 Body Beast/T25 hybrid

Monday:  Build Chest/Tris
Tuesday:  Build Legs
Wednesday: Build Back/Bis
Thursday:  T25 Cardio
Friday:  Build Shoulders
Saturday:  Speed 1.0
Sunday:  Rest

So I always talk about how nutrition is 80% of your weight loss so today I am sharing with you my weekly meal plan.  The one thing I haven't eaten in a month is oatmeal!!!  I seriously cannot wait to devour an entire bowel of oatmeal.  Even though it is a heart healthy good complex carb I was limited my starches during the stripped plan.  I was allowing myself to have starches at dinner vs first thing in the morning.  
Eat Clean Weekly Meal Plan
Day 1 Body Beast-Post workout Picture
It feels good to be back in action this week!  I can honestly say that I am beyond sore after Build Chest and Tris.  I had a hard time getting my shirt on and off today.  I am pretty sure that after this mornings leg workout tomorrow is going to feel pretty awesome (not).  Stay tuned for the rest of the week and the post pics from my workouts!!!
Body Beast Calendar
Body Beast Build Legs

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