Women's Body Beast Transformation Story

Transformation Tuesday!!!
If you eat like you always eat, you weigh what you always weigh

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing my challengers graduate from the Challenge Group and have SUCCESS!!  Everyone sends me their day 1 pictures and is deathly afraid to let anyone see them.  I know even ME I hid them in a file in my computer where no one else would ever see them!  But then after 60 days of Insanity I pulled out those pictures to compare and was shocked at how much my body had changed.  When we look at ourselves each and every day we do not always recognize the subtle changes that occur.  So this is exactly why I suggest that you take day 1 pictures and measurements! The scale is the worst measure of success!  Take Beth for example.  She might not have lost a significant number of pounds on the scale but her inches lost and her before and after pictures tell an entirely different story!  Would you rather have a crazy amount of pounds lost and have no one comment on your body or have people coming out of the wood work to compliment your efforts?

She is a mom of 3 kiddos one of which graduated from high school this year.  She also has a baby Zoey and is a busy mom keeping up with all the demands of her family!  She lost the first 10 pounds over the course of 2 years but the next 20 pounds came off in just 3 months!  Which side would you want to be on?

Beth came to me and asked to join the Battle of the Bulge Challenge group 3 months ago.  She chose to do Body Beast, Shakeology and begin to Eat Clean.  She committed to the program, she was an active participant in the online closed facebook group and got amazing results.  I just want to point out that there were struggles along the way!  The last month was the hardest because of her son's graduation, family visiting and other demands. She did her best and refused to give up!  We discussed that the end of the 90 days of the challenge group doesn't mean your fitness journey is over it means it is just scratching the surface!  It is only going to get better from here!  You have learned how to make exercise and healthy eating a lifestyle and now you just keep tweaking and perfecting your workouts to get more results!

There are times when we don't want to continue on or we want to give up, right!!!??  We have all been there but the challenge group is the one factor that keeps me in check!  I know if I have to report to someone I am going to second guess my bad choices!!!

So here it is!  Beth's results from Body Beast, Shakeology and Clean Eating in 90 days!!!

Here are my resulst:
Weight: 130 (-6 lbs)
Chest: 34.5 (-2)
Waist: 32.5 (-3.5)
Hips: 35 (-2)
R thigh: 21 (-1)
L thigh: 20.5 (-1)
R arm: 10.5 (-1)
L arm: 10.5 (-1)
Total inches: 11.5

Body Beast Women's Transformation
She is one amazing momma!  What do you think!!!!

Body Beast Women's Transformation Results
Is now your time to shine?  Are you ready to take the leap of faith and join my next challenge group and begin to make healthy changes in your life?  It's not about completely changing everything that you are used to, it is about making small steps each and every day to overtime transform your life and your families life into a healthier and happier environment for all!!!  I have a few spots left for my June 24th Challenge group!  Ask me now how you can be a part of it!!!

be the girl you were too LAZY TO BE!

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