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The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind and I've been wanting to sit down and write a post about it all but I literally haven't had the time to breathe.  So today is the day! Today is the day you get a little glimpse into the exciting stuff going on in my life!

So most of you know me as a fitness lover, clean eater, mom of 2 and blogger.  What you may or may not know is that I am also a Beachbody Coach.  My job is to help other people achieve their health and fitness goals and live healthy and fulfilling lives.  I became a coach 2 years ago and decided to start by running a clean eating book club to help other people learn to change their lifestyle.  It all started because I was doing Insanity and wasn't losing any weight.  After 30 days I was beyond frustrated and annoyed.  How could I literally be cardio'ing myself to death and not losing weight! Well it was simple, I was not eating the right kinds of foods.  While I was paying attention to portion sizes I was thinking that 100 calorie snacks were ok, diet pepsi vs regular pepsi and oatmeal that was instant in a packet were all healthy choices!  I thought that a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with mustard and baked lays chips was a good lunch choice!  To the naked eye most would say that isn't bad at all compared to what other damage I could of done.  But in reality I was not eating whole foods and I was just storing the processed foods as fat which was leading me to not lose weight!!  So this is where the story begins!

I changed my diet, I lost the weight, I did Insanity and I lost 30 lbs after adding in Shakeology and P90X.  I was ecstatic with my results so I shared them with others!   When I started as a Beachbody Coach I had no idea where it was going to lead me.  I set some goals for myself on a piece of poster board with pictures cut out from magazines and my two close friends at my kitchen table. I started to dream big and put goals on there like:

What ended happening is that they all slowly started coming true.  I really saw the beauty in sharing my tips and strategies for changing my own life with others.  I started running challenge groups and other people started losing weight.  Then, other people started sending me referrals and eventually I started to develop a team of coaches that wanted to duplicate what I was doing with their own customers.  I began to grow this little team that is now known as the Dream TEAM!!!

So 23 months after deciding to be a coach I have started this blog, helped over 500 people transform their lives with health and fitness, sponsored over 50 coaches and have over 700 coaches in my organization right now! What was once a one man show is now THE DREAM TEAM!  

What is the Dream TEAM?  The Dream Team is my coach organization that I created.  I provide my team with the tools, tips and strategies to build a business and be a successful entrepreneur just like myself.  I have created a system that is easily duplicatable along with a coach apprenticeship program to start every coach out with the support they need to be successful.  You just don't become a coach and magically become successful.  It takes a little guidance, support and belief in your ability to do great things!  The Dream Team philosophy is one that stands behind integrity of the customer, meeting their individual needs with the Beachbody products and fitness programs and leading by example!!!  My goal is to teach other people that they don't need a background in marketing, health and fitness or sales to be successful.  You just have to have the will to learn and the drive to push through any situation that life throws at you!
When you do these things you become successful. There is nothing magical there is consistency and persistency.  It's pushing yourself beyond what EVEN you think you are capable and having ME to keep you on track! I honestly LOVE my TEAM and I'm so blessed by each and every person on my team!

So to get to the point of writing this article!  Last week I hit a HUGE milestone in my business!  I not only just came back from Las Vegas where I was asked to speak at the annual coach summit on setting goals and business metrics but I achieved 10 star rank in my business!  For those of you who don't know what star diamond means I will explain.  It means that I have 10 Diamond coaches on my team plus their entire team of coaches!  It means that I am 5 more diamonds away from the highest rank in the organization!  It means the 10 star bonus and the continuation of growth in my team.  I am also ranked #3 in the entire network of over 100,000 coaches in Beachbody.  I am on track to win an all expenses trip to Italy next year!  How COOL is that!

I didn't do this all myself.  It came with a lot of team work, collaboration and trust!  I want to share with you the faces behind each of the stars on my team!  I value each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart!  They are leaders that are committed to fulfilling the core mission of Beachbody with me!  Together we are moving forward, growing and expanding our businesses and loving life!!!
Melanie Mitro Beachbody Coach

1.  Sara Stakeley- Sara is my very first coach and my first Diamond!! She is my BGC (Big GOAL CRUSHER) and has lost over 70 lbs in her own fitness journey.  She is currently a 2 star diamond coach and has a phenomenal team with her as well!  She is committed to helping others and to achieve their goals in health and fitness plus create a substantial income so she can live her life the way she wants!

2.  Katy Ursta- Katy is my second Diamond Coach and super awesome FRIEND, TEACHER and MOM!! She is expecting her 2nd little boy and is a 1 star Diamond Coach!  She is about to blow things up in her business and has the passion and drive to always put the needs of others first!

3.  Melinda Besinaiz- Melinda is the SWEETEST girl that I know!!  She is beyond kind and caring and found me through the internet. She joined as a discount coach and quickly realized that she could make this her full time job and stay home with her beautiful little boy Jayden!!!

4.  Jackie Zagurasky- Jackie is a friend that I met in college in our sorority, ASA.  We reconnected thru facebook with a Sorority challenge I was doing.  She is married to a wonderful husband who is loving and supportive.  Jackie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and was worried that Turbofire was going to be to much for her body!  But she was so surprised at how amazing she felt, that Shakeology really helped her have energy and that when she worked out she really felt great!  She was inspirational from day 1 and now she is just as amazing as a coach as she is a challenger!  She decided to quit her full time job this year when her Beachbody income replaced her full time income!  Now she can work from home and focus on building her financial future and building her family!!!

5.  Deidra Penrose-  Deidra is my cousin and a momma of 2 and she is also a nurse! She joined my team last year after completing my challenge group and having some amazing results.  It seriously took me forever to talk her into becoming a coach!  She is truly an inspiration to others out there that you can have it all!  A great body, 2 beautiful kids, a wonderful husband and a great business!!!  She is inspiring and she really loves helping people!  If it wasn't for Beachbody we wouldn't of gotten to know each other so well!  Love you DEIDRA!!!

6.  Alyssa Schomaker-  Now let me introduce you to my CLONE!  This chick is just like me!  We are so beyond passionate about helping other people and seeing the bigger picture!  She is a rock star with 3 kids, a wonderful hubby and she also is a nurse!  You have to check out her killer abs....I am totally jealous!  She has gone Diamond in 60 ish days and is building a really amazing team of leaders herself!  She is rocking being a coach and she is the next BIG THING, watch out for her on the leader boards!!

7.  Alyson Horcher- Alyson is a sorority sister of mine as well.  She is a mom of 2 and stays home with her beautiful babies.  Before having kids she was a pharmaceutical sales rep in California.  She moved home to be closer to her family and raise the kids.  She really is the kindest and sweetest person that I know!  I'm really blessed to have her on my team!

8.  Kaileigh Hennessey- Kaileigh has only been a coach for a few months and has crushed her goal of being diamond!! She is also a mom and stays home with her kids.  She was looking for a way to really define herself, create success and contribute financially to her family.  We began discussing coaching and she prayed long and hard about it!  She decided to become a coach and the rest is history!  She rocks this business and is an amazing supportive person!!  

9.  Marlena Hedine-  Hello MARLENA, future ROCK STAR as well!  I truly believe that she is going to be in the top 10 in the near future! She is by far one of the most motivated people that I know!  She is a military wife stationed in Hawaii with her family. I got to meet Marlena in Vegas this year at our coach summit!  She definitely has the drive to take it all the way and I'm so blessed to have her on my team! She told me that she just wanted to be  a discount coach when she started, then when she saw the impact she could have on others that was all she needed!  

These are just a snapshot of the leaders and rock stars that the Dream Team is producing.  As a team our goals are to stand out for our excellence in leadership, support and mentoring! We pride ourselves on supporting each other and working together to build successful businesses.  The cool thing is that 

Melanie Mitro Coach Summit
Speaking at Summit

In addition to having this really amazing team I have also been blessed with the opportunity to speak on a National Beachbody Coach Call about my business success and tips plus I was asked to speak at our Annual Coach Summit in Las Vegas on Setting Goals and Business Metrics!! I spoke to over a thousand Beachbody coaches on how to become successful in their business!!
You can watch my training below!!

What did you think???
Melanie Mitro Coach Summit

Lastly, if you are considering becoming a Beachbody Coach I want you to know that I don't have any special powers or secrets!  It's just hard work, dedication and compassion.  I am just a mom on a mission!!!

Here is my video about coaching and how I have made it a successful business for me!

Are you interested in Becoming a Coach on my team??  I am about to launch a Coach Apprenticeship program on August 5th for new coaches on my team!!  If you would like more information on becoming a coach please complete the application below to be considered for a space on my team!!  If you have that feeling in your stomach that this is something you MIGHT be really good at then you have to act on it!  I was the same way and I just knew I was meant to do something great with my life!  What is your purpose?  What is your DRIVE?  What makes you get up every morning and LIVE your LIFE??

Melanie's Coach Apprenticeship Program
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