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It's the 22nd of July already and summer is half over.  I seriously hate to even type that because it makes me cringe.  Unfortunately it's the sad truth.  So let's stop and think for just a few minutes.  Ask yourself a few questions?

1.  Did you wear the clothes that you wanted to wear this summer?
2.  Do you feel confident in your bathing suit?
3.  When you look in the mirror what do you see?
4.  Do you struggle with emotional eating, social gatherings, vacation and balancing that with healthy eating?
5.  Are you busy and lack the time to workout but really want to make a lifestyle change?
6.  Do you need someone to keep tabs on you to make sure you are following the right plan?
7.  Do you have good intentions with healthy eating but you are constantly frustrated by your lack of progress?

If you are answering these questions and really feeling like this is you then you should consider joining one of my August groups.  As a Beachbody Coach and a Clean Eating Mamma my job is to help you reach your own personal health and fitness goals.  Not my goals, YOURS!!  So I am hoping that by giving you these options it will really help to make you feel confident in your ability to reach them.  We all need accountability in different forms!  So for those of you that love going to the gym or have classes that you really like to attend and don't want to do an at home fitness program then my 30 day clean eating and Shakeology accountability group would be a good fit for you!

30 Day Clean Eating and Shakeology Support Group

What is the 30 day Shakeology and Clean Eating Group?  It is a 30 day closed online accountability group in which I will teach you the basics of clean eating.  My goal is to teach you how to fuel your body for energy, for increased metabolism, for decreased cravings, for fuel, and for satiety.  My goal is to teach you what foods to pair together, what times of the day to eat and what to stay away from and what is good for you!  I know that personally I did an entire 30 days of Insanity and didn't lose a single pound.  It was because I thought if I exercised and ate healthy then I would lose weight! Wrong....the older we get the more important our nutrition is.  The quality of your food is also important plus really paying attention to how your body reacts.
Clean Eating Meal Preparation
Clean Eating Meal Preparation

During this 4 week time period you will create 4 customized meal plans, learn healthy and portable snacks, recipes, tips, motivation and accountability.  You will learn good vs bad choices and how to handle social situations.  You will feel more confident in handling eating out at restaurants and you will develop some great friendships with people just like you who are trying to make a lifestyle change vs a crash diet.

The cost of the program is only the cost of Shakeology for the 30 day program.  Shakeology is a requirement because while we are trying to figure out good vs bad choices and what to eat and when it's important to have 1 meal a day that we don't have to think about.  One meal that is going to fuel your body with vitamins, nutrients and really good nutrition so that you can function with greater energy each day.  Honestly, we all have good intentions.  We say we are going to pack our lunch and make healthy breakfast choices each day.  But life has a way of getting the best of us, we sleep thru our alarm and don't have time to make breakfast.  With Shakeology you have a portable and quick option that is going to keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours and truthfully tastes good and is as healthy as it gets.  Trust me, it will change your life!  I was so leary about drinking shakeology because I didn't want to be reliant on a shake to lose weight.  But once I drank Shakeology and felt the benefits from a health perspective and from the weight loss side I realized that I was lacking so much in my diet!!  Now it is my daily multivitamin and healthy breakfast.

So if you are interested in learning more information about the Shakeology group or enrolling please contact me for more information.  The group will begin on August 5th!

Fill out my online form.

Melanie Mitro Clean Eating Challenge
Clean Eating and Fitness Challenge

The second option for you is the official 60 day challenge group.  This is my absolute favorite groups to run!  I love them because we start out by determining the reason why you want to lose weight, why you want to eat healthy and what in your past has led you to this point.  We all have a struggle that brings us to this place.  I spend some time writing out your goals with you.  We break it down into 30 and 60 day goals.  Then, I spend a few days with you providing you with information on clean eating, meal planning, preparation and more.

Together we create your meal plan and then start our workouts together on the same day!  Note, you don't have to be in the same location as me to do this program.  You can be anywhere in the United States or Canada.  We all check in each and every day to a closed facebook support group.  I will be there to give you Monday Mindset videos, daily information, motivation and accountability.  Each day as a challenger you must report in to the group on how your day went using my rating system.  We will measure progress at day 1, 30 and 60 days.  I will help you to choose a Beachbody fitness program to meet your needs and you will be required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the challenge group.  After that, you can decide whether or not you would like to continue!!

Does this sound like something you would like to do?  If so then message me for the details!!!!  There are limited spots available in order to preserve the individualized attention to each person.  The group begins on August 5th and the last day to register is August 1st.

There is also a special going on until the end of the month!  Anyone who purchases a T25 Challenge pack from me will get a reduced price on the challenge pack!  Please ask me for additional information and to see if this program is right for you!
Focus T25 Challenge Group
Focus T25

To enroll in the challenge group or gather more information please complete the form below!

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