Chalean Extreme Turbofire Transformation Story

Transformation Story of the week!  
Meet Tahra Smith she found me a few months ago and decided to join my 90 day challenge group to learn how to really make a lifestyle change.

Chalean Extreme Turbofire hybrid
Turbofire Chalean Extreme Hybrid
In just a few short months she has lost GET THIS, 27 pounds!! She doesn't measure inches but she does measure dress sizes!  She went from a bursting out size 16 to a size 12 and approaching size 10 very quickly!  She did a combination of Chalean Extreme and Turbofire.

Tahra really embraced clean eating, Shakeology, being present in the challenge groups and making this a lifestyle change.  Yes there are always hiccups along the way, vacations, date nights, weekend trips and more.  But she managed to come out on the other end with flying colors!
clean eating basics
Clean Eating Basics

It's not about being perfect every single day it's about having the courage to keep going no matter what happens in life!  These are the kind of success stories that make me LOVE my job!

It's having a sounding board to keep you motivated when you want to give up, to tell you to walk away from the cookie table at the party and to drink an extra glass of water!  It's the friendships that are made along the way, the positivity that you are surrounded by and the thrill of victory when you can throw away the old pants and buy something new!!!

Chalean Extreme Turbofire Transformation
Chalean Extreme/Turbofire Transformation

Let me help you achieve your own transformation from the inside out!  Mind, body, health, support and motivation to start a program and finish it!
The cool thing is that these people are just like you and me, nothing different, no special powers just the will to make a change!!!

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