Week 4 Body Beast/T25 Hybrid Schedule

It's official, it's the start of phase 2 of the Body Beast/T25 hybrid.  In Body Beast they call each phase Blocks.  So this week I start the Bulk block.  I have to take my progress pics and measurements and I will post them for you next week!

So this week I have a lot of things going on.  Not only was my birthday on Monday but I had a busy weekend of get togethers and celebrations.  Lots of temptations coming my way.  Holding strong is just one of those things that never gets easier and actually I think that the closer you get to your weight loss goal the easier it is to justify that you deserve it or that it won't matter.  I think I did a lot of justifying this month.  I definitely feel like I was way to lax in my nutrition.  I allowed the cheat meals to get  a little more frequent which I believe really hindered the results that in my mind I was looking to achieve.  I know that the more sugar you eat the more your body craves it which also leads me to the fact that I continued to justify it because I was craving more.  Sometimes you have to reign yourself back in and remember how amazing you feel when you are on track.  I notice that when I eat crappy I am irritable, tired, and less confident.  I noticed yesterday that my irritability got the best of me!  It was at that point right then and there I chose to  make the change.  I cleared out lingering birthday temptations and I got back on track.  It happens to us all and sometimes we just have to give ourself a gut check!!!  No one is perfect, we all struggle at some point!  The key is taking that struggle and making it a positive experience.

So, enough about me, let's chat about the hybrid schedule for week 4.
Starting Block 2: Bulk which is 5 weeks long and 6 days per week with 1 day off.  I'm mixing it in there with some cardio from T25.  Here is what the workouts look like.

Bulk Block
Week 4 of the Hybrid

Monday:  Bulk Chest
Tuesday:  Bulk Legs
Wednesday:  Bulk arms
Thursday:  Cardio (T25 total body circuit)
Friday:  Back
Saturday:  Shoulders and T25 Ab Intervals
Sunday:  Rest

I'm excited because last time I did month 2 I really saw a dramatic difference so I am hoping for the same thing this time around!

Nutrition is always key!  So here goes the nutrition plan.
Body Beast/T25 hybrid meal plan
Body Beast/T25 Hybrid Meal Plan
I am really going to focus on the nutrition, drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces each day and staying on track with the proper foods.  No random handfuls of pretzels here or there!  I can do this.  I have lots of fresh veggies from my parents garden plus fruit that is in season.  We have raspberry bushes out back so we have fresh berries!!  Nothing is better than fresh home grown food.

I am such a creature of habit and I could literally eat the same thing every day!  Also, late night snacking is one of my vices!  So I am always mindful of the evenings. Green Tea and water are my best friends!!  If I get super hungry I eat egg whites with veggies.

Beast Legs progress update
 To make my strength training a little easier here are my new weights that my awesome hubby surprised me with for my birthday!  Now I can go up in weights and not have all the bulk of random weights hanging around the house!!!  It made my workouts so much more fun this week!

New Select Tech weights!!

Protein and Shakeology!  MY BFF's this phase

Thanks for following my progress, I'm really excited to share it with you!  If you would like more assistance with your own weight loss journey you can join my August 5th challenge group.  You don't have to do Body Beast or even have worked out before.  I will help you customize a workout program, a meal plan and give you the support that you need so that you can be successful.  Complete an application to be considered for my next challenge group here.  

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