Week 5 Body Beast T25 Progress Update

It's officially the start of week 5 for my Body Beast/T25 Hybrid.  I also really have began to focus on the quality of my workouts in the sense that I am lifting heavy weights and adding in the extra cardio to pump get faster results.  I'm also adding in the results and recovery post workout and increasing my protein and decreasing starchy carbs.  One of the things that I am finding to be most difficult this time of year is traveling and going to the pool and the temptations of summer!  Ice cream and wine on the deck are the two biggest ones.  I have had to give myself a reality check and really remember that if I want to stay on track I have to limit my cheat meals.  Ahh why does summer have to be so hard! Thank goodness I have my challenge groups to keep me on track! Man I honestly do not know what I would do without them.  Having that accountability is priceless!  This week I've been hanging sticky notes around the house to remind myself of what my current fitness goals are.  The fact that I want to eat 95% clean, drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water each day, keep my carbs to 1-2 servings of whole grains per day and really bring it with each workout!  I see a 6 pack in my future! That is the goal!!!  Not skinny but fit!!!

Cheat Meal Rules
Cheat meal rules

What is the definition of a cheat meal?  It is not a cheat day or a cheat week it is one meal.  A cheat meal happens 1 time a week and is something that you basically earn.  You have done your due diligence to exercise, to eat right, make good choices and once a week you decide that you want to have some wine, ice cream, a big steak and baked potato so you go for it.  A cheat meal is absolutely not allowed to result in guilt!  You are supposed to enjoy every single minute of it!  A cheat meal is not an entire marathon of eating.  You still follow the proper portion sizes and you listen to your body when you are full.  Also, if drinking is involved I always drink 1 full glass of water for every alcoholic beverage that I consume!  That way I at least stay hydrated and finally the best alcoholic drink in my opinion is vodka and soda water with a splash of lemon or lime!!

So I definitely did not take my own advice this past weekend when I decided to have my cheat meal.  I decided to have pizza with my husband and kids on Saturday.  We decided to get Artisan Pizza wich is great because you can customize your pizza.  We did get whole grain crust, and margarita toppings but it seriously hated my body!  I have never been so sick in my life.  It didn't help that I ate 4 pieces either.  OOPPPPSSS!!!!  So be forewarned that if you want to eat pizza and you are a clean eater you might not feel well afterwards.

So the program is going well and I am really enjoying the change of pace with the second phase of the program.  The Bulk Block is my favorite.  I am still mixing it with T25 and really enjoying that combination as well.  Total Body Circuit is by far my favorite workout!

Here is the schedule:

Monday:  Bulk Chest
Tuesday:  Bulk Legs
Wednesday:  Bulk Arms:  Cardio Ab Intervals
Thursday:  Beast Cardio/Abs
Friday:  Bulk Back/ Total Body Circuit T25
Saturday:  Bulk Shoulders
Sunday:  Rest

For my meal plan this week I am really switching things up!  This week I am making some new recipes and spicing things up.  I'm going back to making my own protein bars vs the store bought ones!  So check back for more recipes to come this week!!!

Body Beast T25 Meal plan
Clean Eating Meal Plan

There will always be opportunities to go out and play.  This was my cooler from our day at the pool.  I thought I would share with you what I packed for myself and the kids.
Peanut Butter and Jelly for the kids:  Smuckers all natural peanut butter, organic jelly.
Apples, cheese sticks and squeezable applesauce.

For me I packed a quest bar and Chocolate Shakeology with a few bottles of water!  I'll be good to go until we get back home!  I have to say that as I walked through the pool I was amazed at how many people were sitting around eating pizza!  It's crazy when you change your own eating habits how suddenly you become extremely aware of what other people are doing!!  Interesting!!!
Clean Eating Cooler for the Pool

Ab Intervals T25 with the Hubby

Hubby and I decided to do a double day after our pizza experience!  I felt like I needed to burn off some goo!  Ab intervals did the trick!!!!
PS-Check out how messy under my TV is!  I think I need some organization!!!  ha
Beast cardio
Beast CARDIO kicked my butt
Results and Recovery Post workout formula
Results and Recovery Formula for post workout
Beast CARDIO:  I started out looking pretty and ended dog tired! That's when I decided that I needed the results and recovery post workout drink to replenish what was lost plus keep me from being completely sore afterwards!!!  Good think I did because I have noticed a big change in my energy level this week because of it!

Getting a little funky!!!  

coconut coffee shakeology
Coconut Coffee Shakeology
Monday I panicked because I was out of coffee so I decided to add in some instant coffee to my Shakeology!  That paired with coconut almond milk, water and ice is amazing!!! Just the kick in the pants I needed after a workout to start my day!!  You have to try this!  It's awesome!!!

Shakeology isn't just a protein shake but it's a full meal with the proper carb to protein ratio that you should have when you eat each meal. It has all natural ingredients that you could literally buy at the grocery store but it would cost u a fortune! And it doesn't taste like dirt or grass!! Plus you add additional variety to your shake by adding real fruit or almond, soy, rice or low fat milk for creamier flavors!! It's real food but in the convenience of a drink!! Sometimes u just don't have time to make a meal, u need something quick and you want it to be healthy!!! ‪#‎love‬ my daily dose of nutrition bc it keeps me going with energy and health!! ‪#‎fastfood‬ doesn't have to be scary!! I don't rely on it for weightloss I use it as a tool to enhance my health and simplify my already crazy busy life!!! ‪#‎myhealthmatters‬

Body Beast Flex Friday
Flex Friday

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