My Journey to the 2014 Elite 10 Adventure in Italy, Where am I at now?

Happy Hump Day!!!  It's October 15th already and I have no idea where time goes!  I cannot believe that another month is almost half way thru.  I mean really where does time go?  I think it's because we all get so busy with life that we sometimes just forget to stop and smell the roses.  We seldom stop and are just thankful for every minute of life we have to live!  Today I am stopping and just reflecting for a few moments before I begin my day!

I always like to chat up my health and fitness tips but today I want to talk about my cool team.  I am a Beachbody Coach!  I am a MOM!  I am a WIFE!  I am a DAUGHTER!  I am a FRIEND!  I am a SUCCESS STORY!!!  I AM MEEEE!!!!  

What you may or may not know about me is that I am a mom with an extraordinary drive, determination and passion for helping people!  I have this crazy ability to focus on a goal and just go for it no matter what is going on around me!!  Combine that with a caring heart and you can end up with something that you never ever thought was possible.

I always say, I'm JUST a mom from MARS!"  -Mars Pennsylvania that is!!  But none the less I am a mom with a skill.  I really really love helping other people and I found my passion through blogging my weight loss journey, from sharing my favorite recipes, from teaching my tips to all of you and from inspiring others to do the same thing.  Now my passion is two fold.  I have this passion to develop other successful people as coaches as well.  I have found something that I love to do, that gives me fulfillment but also earns an income that is worth my time.  I do really want to share that with others.  So over the course of the past 2 years I have developed a system for running my challenge groups, a system for training new coaches, and a system for developing leaders in my organization.

Let me be clear->  I did not wake up every morning and say to myself, "How can I become a millionaire today?"  Instead I woke up saying how can I help someone today!!!  That simple thought process along with my own drive and determination are what has brought me success with Beachbody. It's when you put the needs of others first that you are respected, trusted and invaluable.

I didn't realize I was creating the winning solution, it was just what I did!  Now today I literally sit here in disbelief that I am doing all these things and impacting so many people in such a positive way!

Every month the rankings for the top coaches in the organization come out.  Team Beachbody has a system for determining who are the top 10, the top recruiters, producers and success stories.  I have always written on my goal board top 10 but I am not so sure how serious I was really about that.

But over the course of 9 months I have rose to the #2 coach in over 135,000 coaches in the organization.  Please tell me that is CRAZY!!  Right?!?!  Seriously, YES I am not making it up!
Look!!  I have slowly creeped up to the #2 spot and I actually have held at #2 for 2 consecutive months now.  So this is not a fluke at all.

What this number symbolizes started with me because I made the decision to take the results that I had achieved with Insanity, Shakeology, Clean Eating and the challenge groups, enhance it and duplicate it with others.  If I would not of made that decision then 1,200 + people's lives might not of been changed.  Why did I pick 1,200 people?  That's because this number represents the number of coaches in my organization that I have in some way influenced positively.

I am beyond excited that there is a very real possibility that I am going to be going on the Elite Top 10 Adventure to Italy next July as a reward for being in the top 10!!!  This I feel is a gift for my husband because he is so supportive and understanding of my goals and letting me do what I need to do to be successful!!!

What does it mean to be Top 10??  Click here to read more!!

Last week I was going over some numbers with my mentor!  He was telling me that I have been a coach for 2 years and over the last year I have produced 10 personally sponsored diamond coaches.  That is literally 1 coach going diamond per month.  I have seen a 500% increase in growth, I have been on 1 National Wake Up Call, and I will also have the privilege of speaking again this month!  I have spoke at the 2013 Coach Summit in Las Vegas and I spoke at the 2013 Leadership Retreat in Dana Point California. I have hosted a handful of local events for coaches to grow their businesses and I am a success club 10 all star.  I am already an elite coach and qualified for 2014!!!  Pretty cool stuff and I feel like I should stop and just be thankful for all that I have been blessed with!  But of course, you know me, I'm always thinking of ways to be more efficient and better at what I do!!!
What a year and the cool part is that I am not doing this alone.  There are coaches not far behind me, duplicating the same system and getting the same killer results.  The Dream TEAM is about to rock the stage with success at leadership next June!!!!

I am also very excited to announce that Deidra Penrose, a Diamond Coach on our team is holding down the #1 spot in the Team Beachbody Cup Challenge and her coach Michael Gowan just rank advanced to Diamond.  
We also have  a new record for the fastest Diamond Coach, Jennifer Morris!!!  43 days and she has a child with Special Needs!!!

Our team is just exploding with joy and excitement and it's amazing to see where the focus is leading us!  Last night was by far one of my favorite team calls that we have done.  3 amazing coaches spoke about their rise to success in such a short period of time.  Each coach coming from a different background and a different perspective but all very very successful individuals. What are they doing to set the standard that much higher than the rest?

The resounding theme-> PASSION, Lead with your heart and always put the needs of others first.
BELIEF---> You gotta believe in yourself and know that you are here to truly help other people.
CONSISTENCY---> If you only do things when you feel like it and when you are excited success is not going to happen. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes thru the ups and downs!!!

Where are we going from here?  Well I can clearly tell you that we are not stopping anytime soon.  Once you hit the top 10 where do you go next?

Let me tell you where I am going!!!  My goal for next year is to go on tour!  A Diamond Tour in which I am visiting my diamond and above coaches, training my coaches and developing leaders within the organization.  I plan to create a system of duplication that is unlike any other out there.  My goal is to provide my new and existing coaches with a system that really helps them to get started right.  I have already seen my team grow exponentially because of the systems we have in place now.  I am excited for their success and I get no greater joy than seeing them succeed!  So 2014 isn't about me anymore, its about how I can make it easier, streamlined and efficient to start your business so that you can do what you really love and that is help other people!!!!

Do you want to be a part of THE BEST team in the ENTIRE ORGANIZATION???  Join the DREAM TEAM TODAY!

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