My Weekly Clean Eating Meal Plan and The Gamma Workout

T25 Gamma Workout

My Weekly Progress Update

Life is super busy all the time.  I swear I never stop 24/7 its either mom duties, wife duties, house cleaning, laundry, errands, preschool, Beachbody or my own workouts! DARN IT I never ever have time to sit down and just CHILL!  Do you feel like that??  Ahhh, so how do we fit in a little "ME" time each and every week?  

This is one thing through my personal development reading that I do each that I have learned is important to our mental health.  While it is really hard to block out time specifically for ME I find that it is also the most important time of my day!  I find that when I have some quiet time to reflect on me and what type of example I want to be I am able to better serve others.  So I continue to make it a priority each week to make a meal plan.  That requires me to get up on Sunday morning 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the family.  I get my breakfast, my cup of coffee and sit at the kitchen table with my computer, my pad of paper and meal plan.  I make up my grocery list, determine what workouts I want to do this week and what other possible obstacles that I will be faced with.  At this time I am PROACTIVE in my strategy about how I will handle the week!  Also, I take into account what I want to splurge on for the week.
Maybe you have a girls night out, a baby shower, a wedding or a family get together.  Is there something that you know you are going to want to eat?  I actually schedule that into my week.  I do this because I know if it's on the calendar then I have to be good all week long so that I can have my 1 cheat meal vs a cheat day and enjoy it without feeling regret!!!!  

This is how I maintain the balance in my life!  Hopefully that tip will work for you!

So now I have included my meal plan for the week below. I went a little off schedule with my workouts.  I started off great thinking I was going to do P90X2 but the workouts are long and my time has been very limited due to other focuses this week.  Instead of not working out at all I decided that I would re evaluate and choose a workout that was shorter in length that allowed me to get the best of both worlds.

So, I chose T25!  I started with Beta on Monday but then Gamma came in the mail so I'm doing 30 days of Gamma! At the end of this 30 days I will re-evaluate and choose what I want to do next!

Clean Eating Meal Plan
P90X3 Sneak Peak of the new workout

While I was at the leadership event we were given a copy of one of the new P90X3 workouts to try.  It's called the Warrior Workout.  It rotates between chest, abs, legs and cardio for 30 minutes.  I loved every single minute of that workout!  I'm totally in love!
I am definitely going to be purchasing this as my workout in December when it is released.

If you follow me you know that I have 2 little boys who love to eat!!! This is one of our family favorites and we literally sit down each night and have a bowl together! They really to request to eat healthy.  When Landon, my 4 year old did his "about me" for preschool they asked him what his favorite foods were.  He said Chicken and Broccoli.  Oh it's a boy after my own heart!!!!

Yes this is the Phase 3 of T25 and it is killer!!!  I love it!  I've only done 2 of the workouts but so far I am hooked.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Motivation for the week is coming out of the woodwork! I'm a sucker for pinterest and for Instagram.  I love just chillin before my workout and finding my inspiration for the day!!  The more a workout makes you burn and challenges you the more you are going to grow and get results.  If you can breeze right through a workout then you won't be getting the results you are after.  Being uncomfortable brings about change!  Remember that!

Have a great day! Stay inspired, keep pushing play and know that there is this amazing community of support out there called the Dream TEAM.  We run challenge groups, help you set fitness goals, teach you how to fuel your body for energy and not a crash diet and we work together!
You can always contact me about upcoming challenge groups!  

October 14th is the Fall Back into Fitness Group!!

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